Illegals Behaving Badly: Killing Nurses, Eating Bald Eagles, Molesting Kids

Steve Collender /
Steve Collender /

Joe Biden’s horde of 7 million illegal aliens and counting is committing shocking rates of crime that are mostly going unreported. Outside of local media reports, most American have no idea of the scope of what’s happening to the country right now. And it’s only going to keep getting worse. America is on pace to take in approximately 14 million illegals before Biden’s illegitimate term in office is over. Here are just a few of the shocking crimes that illegal aliens are committing against Americans.

Drunk-Driving Illegal Slaughters American Nurse on the Road

On January 21st, a drunk-driving illegal alien named Edis Quintanilla-Alvarenga smashed his 2011 Acura into a 2013 Chevy Malibu in Hope Mills, North Carolina. Quintanilla-Alvarenga was going 80mph in a 45mph zone when he crossed the double-yellow line and hit the other vehicle head-on. He killed 37-year-old Megan Shelby, a nurse at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center.

Quintanilla-Alvarenga is in the country illegally from Honduras. He’s been charged with felony death by vehicle and DWI. Despite being held on a $1 million bail and being put on an ICE hold for deportation, Cumberland County Sheriff Ennis Wright let Quintanilla-Alvarenga go. Wright is a “sanctuary sheriff,” so he refuses to protect the people of Cumberland County from a drunk-driving illegal alien. And of course, Hope Mills now has one less nurse to care for sick people. Sorry, America. You don’t get to have nice things with Joe Biden in charge.

Hondurans Arrested Trying to Eat a Bald Eagle They Killed

On February 28th, the Stanton County Sheriff’s Office in Nebraska caught two Honduran illegal aliens with a bald eagle that they had killed. Two foreign nationals, illegally in possession of a rifle, killing one of the nation’s most important symbols seems like the perfect metaphor for those of us suffering through Joe Biden’s open borders, doesn’t it?

The sheriff’s office had to track down a translator to communicate with the two illegal aliens. They confessed that they shot the protected species because they were planning to eat it. (They’re doing the jobs that Americans just won’t do!)

The two men have been charged with unlawful possession of an eagle, and one of them was charged with driving without a license. The sheriff’s office says they may face more serious charges for killing the eagle, and for possessing a firearm on US soil.

Hide Your Kids

Most Americans are shockingly unaware of other countries’ age of consent laws when it comes to sexual activity, even in countries that seem nice. The age of consent in Maldives is 9, for example, and in Japan, it’s 13. The illegal aliens flooding into America from all corners of the earth are bringing their expectations and cultural practices here. As a result, many more children are being molested in America than normal.

In Oakland County, Michigan, an 18-year-old illegal alien named Julian Pinedo met a 14-year-old girl on Facebook in January. He convinced her to meet him in real life, which the child did. When she refused to have sex with him, he stabbed her multiple times in the abdomen and back. She remains in critical condition.

In Kissimmee, Florida, a 20-year-old illegal named Eliezer Ordonez-Valladores was arrested for repeatedly raping an 11-year-old child. 36-year-old Diego Marroquin was arrested for raping a 13-year-old girl inside a Denver church.

All across the country, tragic stories of children being victimized by foreign nationals are happening. The national media never covers them. The truly sad thing is that every single one of these crimes against children could have been prevented if only America had a secure southern border and we didn’t let every criminal from around the world in. If anyone tries to tell you that illegal aliens have lower crime rates than native-born Americans, tell them they’re lying.