Walmart Stores Fleeing Portland, OR as the City Falls Apart under Leftist Rule

Sean Pavone /
Sean Pavone /

Sorry, America. You don’t get to have nice things anymore with leftists in control of your biggest cities. Walmart has announced that it will be closing the last of its stores in Portland, OR by March 24th.

The reason? It turns out that letting communists turn your community into a hell hole of rampant crime, theft, and drug abuse is not good for business. When the world’s largest retail giant is incapable of turning a profit – and is in fact losing money in your city due to out-of-control shoplifting – you’re probably doing something wrong.

Walmart announced that two of its last Portland locations, Hayden Meadows and East Port Plaza, will shutter their doors later this month. Nearly 600 employees will lose their jobs, although the company is offering to rehire some of them in other stores that are outside of Portland. The CEO of Walmart admits that unimpeded crime, especially shoplifting, is the reason why it now has so many “unprofitable” stores in Democrat-run hellscapes these days.

Of course, the stores aren’t unprofitable through any fault of their own. Democrat-controlled cities are no longer enforcing crimes like shoplifting. Walmart has been losing so much in goods due to packs of feral black, fatherless teenagers, who shoplift in large, coordinated groups, that the company is losing money. Without the rampant shoplifting, the Walmart stores in Portland would be just as profitable as anywhere else.

You’ll probably recognize the pattern that Portland had to take over the past few decades to get to such a degraded state. It’s a pattern that is being repeated over and over again in blue-run cities.

First, Connie McCready was the last Republican mayor to preside over Portland, Oregon. Remember her? Most people probably don’t, because Mayor McCready left office all the way back in 1980, even before Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as president. Portland has now been under the leftist rule for 43 years and counting. Think of how much mismanagement a single political party could accomplish in 43 years, and you’ll come up with Portland.

Second, the Democrat Party is now officially a communist party, as noted many times by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). If you doubt this for one second, read Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto and then get back to us. Let us know where any Democrat Party policy in 2023 deviates from Karl’s bad ideas. (Spoiler alert: There are no differences.)

Third, much of the misery in Portland right now stems from a single public officeholder – the city’s District Attorney. Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt’s campaign was financed by George Soros. Like all other Soros-backed prosecutors, Mike Schmidt hates the police and frequently calls them racists.

Schmidt refuses to prosecute petty crimes, including shoplifting, criminal trespassing, disorderly conduct, punching a cop, property damage, and the use of threat or force. As a result, there are no restraints at all on people shopping in so-called “Big Box” stores. Packs of anti-civilizational youths run into a Walmart and steal anything that’s not nailed down.

Cops don’t even bother to show up, because if they do and they have to use force to protect someone else, they know their career is over. They’ll be on CNN with the words “White Nationalist Terrorist” printed just beneath their mugshots. Backed up by leftwing city councils, these anti-law and order DAs also prohibit stores from hiring security that could actually stop the criminal raids. Just shut up and take it, peasants.

The lesson is pretty clear for most people. Don’t put Democrats in power, and definitely don’t give them total power for several decades in a row. Portland may be completely lost in a few more years, as it degrades from a city that’s already in terrible shape, to a city that is unrecognized in its current, awful form.