Alaska Braces for the “End of Oil in America,’ Thanks to Biden

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Troutnut /

You’d think Democratic President Joe Biden would have learned a lesson or two from stopping the Keystone XL oil pipeline project here in the US back in 2020. But according to Alaska’s governor, it’s likely that he’s about to make a very similar and just as devastating decision.

If you remember, the Keystone XL project was meant to travel the ‘height,’ so to speak, of the United States. Beginning in Alberta, Canada, it would travel down into the US and all the way down through Texas, offering thousands of jobs and hundreds of thousands of oil barrels a day to the US population.

Naturally, this would have been great for our economy, not only in providing jobs but also keeping our oil and gas prices low while enduring the ravages of inflation and the damages of a pandemic.

But, as we all know, Biden thought differently.

And so he nixed the entire project, forcing oil and gas prices here in the US to eventually soar and ensuring that we have to beg for more of those resources from nations like Russia, Iran, and Venezuela – none of which are exactly allies.

Now, however, Biden has the chance to redeem himself.

It’s called the ConocoPhillips Willow Project, and like the Keystone, it will afford America much more oil independence as well as thousands more jobs.

According to Alaska’s Republican Governor Mike Dunleavy, the project will be based on his state’s North Slope, where oil will be potentially drilled at multiple sites resulting in hundreds of thousands of barrels daily. Additionally, it will create at least 2,500 jobs directly.

However, Dunleavy says that because of Biden’s previous decisions and war on the oil industry, he isn’t holding out much hope for this project to be approved. Instead, he finds it much more likely that it will be killed before it can even begin, as with the Keystone project.

In a recent appearance on Fox Business Network with host Neil Cavuto, Dunleavy said that while he definitely hoped Biden would approve of the plans, at least in part, everything within him is telling him and state to prepare for the opposite.

After all, it’s not like Biden has a habit of doing what is best for the American people. Instead, it’s almost as if he assesses a situation based on how good it would be for the nation and then chooses the worst.

And that’s precisely why Dunleavy says, “We are preparing, hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.”

He added that his state likely had had more sanctions put on it in regards to oil and such by its own government than that same government has put on dictator and human rights-abusing nations like Venezuela.

As he says, if Biden shuts this project down, it will essentially be the “end of oil in America.”

Now, he points out, as well all know, it won’t be the end of oil worldwide, just here in the States. After all, Biden would never be able to succeed in getting the entire planet to stop drilling for oil. Neither will he succeed in ending oil use here in America.

Instead, like most leftists, they are just making it harder to get and buy, despite the fact that the need for it will continue no matter what he does. Americans will still need it to drive their cars and fuel their homes. So that oil has to come from somewhere.

It could, if Biden let it, come from sustainable sources areas within our own borders, making prices cheaper and the manufacturing process cleaner, as well as ensuring labor laws and best environmental practices are kept intact.

Instead, by closing all our drill sites down, he’s forcing us to buy up oil not only at much higher prices but also that may have been sourced on the backs of slave labor; it may have been taken without regard to the environment around, hell, it might not even be processed correctly.

As Dunleavy says, we can hope that Biden doesn’t lead us to that option. However, based on his history alone, I’d say that’s a good chance.