Buttigieg Is the Only Thing Preventing America From Dropping Daylight Savings Time

Zephyr_p / shutterstock.com
Zephyr_p / shutterstock.com

Back in 2019, the Associated Press and NORC took a poll, and 71% of Americans want to follow the lead of a few select areas of the country and abandon daylight savings time. It turns out that this would be an incredibly simple task and has tremendous bipartisan support.

The Sunshine Protection Act, cosponsored by Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ed Markey (D-MA) but needs a tremendous boost of support from undecided lawmakers. It’s these lawmakers that want to see the results of a study by the Secretary of Infrastructure Pete Buttigieg before they will agree with the bill. A review that isn’t expected any time before the end of 2023 at the earliest despite being in action since 2021.

Also in 2021, Jimmy Kimmel reminded people of his conversation with Buttigieg during his last visit. “And the last time Pete was on our show, I asked him to end it. He said he’d see what he could do. You know what he did? He did nothing. He did nothing at all. But now I’m hopeful because Pete Buttigieg has two-month-old twins now. And now maybe he’ll understand what a nightmare this is.”

Simply ending this archaic torture is something people need to get on board with. As we have had the industrial revolution and many other crowning achievements since Ben Franklin started the idea as a joke, it’s time for it to end. Then again, can we blame Buttigieg for this?

We all knew he was incompetent when he tried running for President. We learned about his experience running a small city, where he earned the nickname “Pothole Pete” for his failed infrastructure. So, when President Biden put him in place to have some sort of impact in this part of the government, we should have known just how bad the joke he sold us really would become. A delay like this for such a report is beyond explainable.

The American people know just how much inconvenience this small change causes. People have to shift their body clocks as well as their schedules in a manner that happens to coincide with a huge shift in the energy of the sun and the way daylight spreads across the land. Added together and it can be an incredibly difficult time for many Americans. Getting rid of this cruel joke could be the secret to keeping work more productive year around.

Despite its initial explanation that it was being done to aid farmers with harvesting their crops and getting the early plowing in for the harvests, these explanations have been proven to be worthless and unnecessary over the years. With the number of small farms decreasing as larger conglomerates take over, that excuse no longer holds the same water.

Now is the time for Buttigieg to get things in gear and to get the American people away from this system and operate like eastern Europe, Russia, and much of South America. It’s time the US led the charge to abandon the idea, and by actually doing some work he could help make that happen. Instead, he has wasted taxpayer time on lavish vacations while he and his life partner became fathers. When the train derailment in East Palestine, OH happened, he took his sweet time getting there, preferring to wait until his “personal time” was up before bothering to go look.

While the US is full of hopeless politicians, this is a bipartisan enough issue it should be approved and put into place just as quickly as they ensure the military keeps receiving their criminally low pay during a government shutdown. It’s a pointless tool to keep around, and a horrible way to torture the American people. If Buttigieg wants any prayer of making the American people happy, getting rid of daylight savings would be the first step.