How Conservative SCOTUS Majority Could Be Taken WITHOUT Court Expansion

Orhan Cam /
Orhan Cam /

It’s no secret that the political left would love to have full control of the Supreme Court. It’s why they have suggested expanding the court so many times during recent years when the majority has clearly been in favor of conservatives. And it’s also why a new set of guidelines for Supreme Court justices is now being proposed.

It’s called the “Model Code of Conduct for US Supreme Court Justices” and, on the outside, seems to be little more than adding a few new conduct requirements for justices to ensure impartiality. However, as you’ll see when we get to just what those seemingly small additions will be, it could essentially strip conservatives of the majority in a number of cases going forward.

First, it’s important to point out that the 27-page new “ethics code” was created by Lawyers Defending American Democracy and the Project on Government Oversight. Both are noted to be groups that, while claiming nonpartisan ways and impartiality, are backed by liberal donors.

If you didn’t already know, the current code of conduct for Supreme Court justices forbids them from participating in any political activity. They can vote still, of course, but nothing they do, whether on the job or outside of the court, can suggest that they are political in the least.

And this only makes sense, right? I mean, their job as a justice is to look at cases objectively, deciding what is best based on its constitutionality and the laws of this nation, not necessarily what they personally believe or support.

The new code of conduct wishes to expand this.

First, it suggests that a justice’s spouse and other family members must also be impartial, showing no partisanship whatsoever. And if someone does, that justice will be required to recuse himself from any and all cases that might be affected by their so-called familial bias.

This would mean that since Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife, Ginni, is somewhat of a conservative activist and was one of many who questioned the certification of the 2020 election, he should be taken off any case that deals with Trump, the 2020 elections, or election fraud – according to the political left.

Now, of course, Ginni Thomas, nor any other family member, is specifically mentioned by name in the proposed document. However, almost everyone knows she is likely the reason for this whole mess. Not that she was at fault in any way.

Like the rest of us, she is entitled to her own beliefs. And since she herself does not hold the title of justice or any other similar office, she is allowed to be partisan.
The question is, does this make her husband suddenly less qualified to do his job in certain cases?

The political left would say yes. Of course, it would also mean that with Thomas off the case, the likelihood of a Democratic majority or win is greater, albeit not very much.
Of course, there is more to the new code of conduct that would increase the left’s chances, too.

In addition, to restricting behaviors and such from family members, it also suggests that the justices themselves refrain from anything that might even “appear” to have a political bias. This might include speaking at certain conferences and specific groups, meeting with certain elected officials, etc.

I know it seems a bit extreme. But for the left, it could be a huge win. I mean, just imagine the number of conservative justices who now might be forced off of cases due to previous engagements with so-called political endeavors.

Of course, the left didn’t seem to have a problem with the late Ruth Bader-Ginsberg residing over issues about Trump and his administration, despite her quite vehemently opposing his presidential candidacy, let alone the fact that he won.

Just like everything else the left does, this has nothing to do with actual fairness or justice. It’s just about how they can get on top again.