North Korea’s Latest Testing Is for a Nuclear War

Anton Watman /
Anton Watman /

With the US and South Korea conducting war game testing, North Korea decided the time was right to conduct some of their own drills. This time, Kim Jong Un personally oversaw the two days of drills on March 19-20, and instead of an invasion of their own or anything strategic, he instead worked on simulating a nuclear counterattack according to North Korean news agency KCNA.

Sharing photos of Kim attending the test, as well as alongside his daughter as a missile launched, the state ran news agency painted a victorious image of their Dear Leader. “The nuclear force of the DPRK will strongly deter, control and manage the enemy’s reckless moves and provocations with its high war readiness, and carry out its important mission without hesitation in case of any unwanted situation,” said Kim to KCNA.

As the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Kim has been staging himself and North Korea for the potential of a nuclear conflict for years now. In his eyes, the only way his homeland is safe is with nuclear arms under his control. He believes it is the secret to getting respect as the tiny hermit nation finds itself going through some of the worst famine on record.

Despite multiple offers to help North Korea, he refuses to accept the help. Why? The conditions would mean he would have his ability to strike limited. While his rationale is understandable given the situation he has painted himself in, he did it to himself. This ruthless dictator is keeping his people in poverty and malnutrition is rampant.

The people of North Korea lack freedom even more than those who call Iran or Afghanistan their home. Yet the US has allowed him to continue as he makes threats. Given how connected North Korea has become to China, and how they are leading Biden by the nose, it seems more and more likely that war including North Korea is more than likely in the future. It is now more of a question of when and no longer if.