Revivals for Easter Are Sweeping the Nation

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For decades now, revivals have been a part of ensuring the good people who walk in Christ’s footsteps stay on that righteous path. It’s not the easiest of functions to put on, with many revivals going for 3-10 days and nights. These aren’t just camps for Christl these are life-changing events and always seem to come at just the right time.

Here are four reasons why the revivals are capable of reaching people, especially the young (and young at heart):

1. Desperation: Younger members of the church are desperate for answers to life. From their purpose in this life to what they are going to do with the weekend. By making the desperate excited for a revival, you get the brightest sparks for the Holy Spirit to build.
2. A quest for change: The young members often got away from the church during their teens. Between a quest for rebellion and independence, they got lost and are now looking for a change and to get back to God. By keeping them at the focus of a revival, you can shower them with God’s love and message, thus returning them to the flock.
3. A longing for the reality of life: Getting back to the church after lusting over money, success, freedom, women, and drugs is not easy. These young people have discovered that these are just tools from the devil to distract of from the reality of God’s love. Putting them as the focal point ensures they know.
4. Childlike faithfulness: When youths attend a revival, they are surrounded by the power of Christ’s love. This power taps into a time in every member of the flock’s childhood when their faith was easily filled and they believe with the entirety of their being. As they touch on that familiar feeling, the revival is most capable of bringing them back as a member of Christ’s flock.

With Easter getting ready to mark Christ’s resurrection and return to life, it is a prime time to return to the path of Christ, and part of that in recent times has been to host a revival. Naturally, having the youth at the center of a revival is one of the best decisions for Christ, the church, and the members of the community. If there’s been a revival happening near you, it might even be worth popping your head in to see what it’s all about.