Walmart Will Charge 42 Cents per Grocery Bag Soon to Fight Global Warming


Walmart is about to start charging $0.42 per plastic bag for delivery orders in New Jersey at the end of the month. Similar charges are expected soon in several other leftwing states. It’s a way for Walmart to not only comply with Democrat states that are banning single-use plastic bags altogether but also to fight global warming which is fake.

New Jersey Walmart stores will also start charging 10 cents per bag for in-store purchases. Like everything else related to “fighting global warming,” this initiative will make life more inefficient and inconvenient for everyone. But at least everything will be more expensive, and it won’t do anything to impact the climate!

Walmart stores in Colorado, New York, and Connecticut won’t even sell customers the bags anymore. Kroger banned bags in Virginia last year. Wegman’s has banned bags at its stores in North Carolina and Virginia. Aldi has banned bags at 500 of its stores and plans to phase them out in all 2,200 of its locations nationwide.

In a press release, Walmart announced, “We’re focused on strengthening business resilience, advocating for climate action, and targeting zero emissions across our global operations by 2040.”
That’s great. Meanwhile, China is building two new coal plants per week and Mexico is approaching energy independence by opening multiple new oil refineries and coal plants. But you do you, Walmart!

Michael Vandenbergh of the Climate Change Research Network notes that Walmart is “making a range of commitments that government is not requiring them to make.”

This just goes to show how pervasive and effective the brainwashing conducted by the climate cult has been. Companies are now willingly annoying their customers with half-baked policies that won’t actually do anything to impact the climate.