Biden Proposes a Border Solution…with Canada

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Apparently, President Joe Biden has finally been working on a solution to our border issues. The only problem is that it’s with the wrong border.

According to BBC, the Biden administration and Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau have been seeking an immigration agreement for a while now. Apparently, the Canadians are not all that happy with thousands of illegal immigrants coming across their border and claiming asylum.

And on Friday, a deal was officially made.

Of course, it does everything to favor Canada, leaving the US forced to take back any and all illegals Canada decides to deport.

Per BBC’s report, there has been a loophole in the US/Canada immigration policy for some time that has allowed illegals to enter the more northern country via unofficial ports and roadways, as well as official ones. Apparently, this new deal attempts to stem that by amending the original 2004 policy to state that illegals may only enter through Canada’s official points of entry from now on.

And if they don’t, the country retains the right to deport anyone they want to, sending them back across the border to the US.

Naturally, Biden signed the agreement, once again putting Americans last.

Now, this new policy shows two things.

The first is that Trudeau is a hypocrite. If you remember, like Biden, when he was up for election, he made a post or an invitation to all “fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength.”

Like Biden, he wanted to be seen as an all-inclusive and caring leader.

Only now, a short five years later, and with some 40,000 more immigrants crossing his border than usual, that invitation has suddenly been revoked.

The other thing it proves, of course, is that Biden is an even worse leader than Trudeau. While the latter might be a hypocrite, at least he’s doing something to stop a growing problem in his country.

On the other hand, Biden proved once again that he has no interest in helping the American people in the least.

Not only did he propose an invitation to all of the world’s hurting and wanting, but he’s also made no effort to ensure that those incoming people are actually who or even from where they are. He doesn’t check their criminal backgrounds, doesn’t look into their medical history.

He just lets them all in. Into our communities and neighborhoods. Into our hospitals and schools, as well as social service programs, where they continue to take up already strained and limited resources.

And as a result, our crime rates have skyrocketed, drug overdoses happen more often than ever, homeless encampments overrun whole cities, and our economy is in the dumps.

No wonder Trudeau and his office don’t want illegals to just run willy-nilly across their border.

But now, thanks to Biden, even those problems that could have been passed on to someone else will be returned to us. And since Biden doesn’t have a similar border policy with Mexico, it’s us, we the people, who suffer.

Way to go, Biden. You’ve proved as useless and un-American as ever.