Kinzinger Accuses His Own of Flaunting Guns…

Rich Koele /
Rich Koele /

If you didn’t already know, disgraced and former Illinois representative Adam Kinzinger is full of hypocrisy these days. Sure, he might have once been a freedom-loving Republican. But if another self-own instance proves anything, it’s that he’s changed quite a bit since then.

This particular occurrence happened on Tuesday when he took to Twitter to accuse those in his own party of “flaunting guns” and being part of the reason why we have a problem with mass shootings in America.

As you know, the political left has once again brought out their claims that assault weapons and a slew of other guns should be taken from the American people to stop the violence. Naturally, those on the right side of the aisle (pun intended) know that such a move not only won’t work but would be an extreme detriment to the freedoms of the American people.

And so many GOP lawmakers have been seen wearing pins while at work resembling rifles.

Kinzinger apparently has a problem with this, and so took to Twitter to say, “You can oppose a ban, fine. But the flaunting of guns and the gun fetish really bothers me.”

There’s just one major problem: Kinzinger used to be one of those “flaunting guns” at one point.

Barely 20 minutes after he made his tweet, a social media user known as Viva Frei commented on Kinzinger’s post with a repost from Kinzinger’s own account back in 2014.

Kinzinger is posing for the camera in the nearly decade-old tweet with his brother. Both of them are holding large guns, and Kinzinger additionally has a pistol strapped to his waist.
Frei asks, “Is this you? I’m actually not being sarcastic… Is this your tweet, and is this you?”

Kinzinger is forced to admit that, yes, that is him in the photo “exercising our right to bear arms.” But of course, he says he’s “evolved” since then, as apparently millions of others have. He also adds that he’s a “military member,” as if that’s an excuse for why he can tote guns and others can’t.

Needless to say, the optics aren’t all that great for Kinzinger, and people just aren’t buying his blatant hypocrisy.