Terrorist-Loving Minority Whip Advocates the Use of Firearms To Protect Trans People

MyImages - Micha / shutterstock.com
MyImages - Micha / shutterstock.com

Wyoming House Minority Whip Karlee Provenza (D) has never held back on her love for ANTIFA or her desire to push the leftist agenda to the limits. Posted less than a week after the tragic mass shooting by a woman who thinks she’s a man, the image initially shared to Facebook says “Auntie Fa Says, Protect Trans Folks Against Fascists and Bigots.”

In the piece, “Auntie Fa” is depicted carrying an upgraded AK-47 using a 30-round magazine with a magnification scope. Pictured posing poorly, they wanted her to appear as if she is hip firing the rifle, and all of this is overlaid on a pink background. This hack job of a meme is nothing more than the horrific campaigning for a racist, hateful, and extremist terrorist group that the left refuses to identify as a terrorist.

While Provenza’s Twitter name “@Provenza4Wyomin” would indicate she is all about the people of Wyoming, much like her forgotten “g,” she isn’t there to help everyone. Instead, she is only there for the good of herself and her party. Given the level of support and love being exchanged between the left and transgendered people, it’s not surprising they have taken her focus, and she instead speaks out against people who don’t blindly agree with the LGBTQ agenda.

Wyoming isn’t the only state dealing with leftist terrorists speaking up for the transgender agenda.

In Arizona on March 27th, Gov. Katie Hobbs’ (D) press secretary Josselyn Berry sent out a similar tweet. In this one, a gif was posted of the 1980 movie “Gloria,” where a middle-aged well-dressed woman moves forward holding two pistols. Published hours, AFTER the Nashville shooting, the backlash against her was swift. Many were calling for her termination, but she was allowed to resign two days later.

Despite having a full manifesto that preliminary reports outline everything and answer serious questions about the shooting, the police have yet to release the information. Many are concerned that the information would be nothing more than proof that this person was truly mentally ill. While this is almost a certainty, the allegations that the shooter had proven mental health problems besides not knowing her gender could be manipulated as a strong piece of support for the left to ban guns.

Provenza should certainly know better from her position, but as her Wario-like eyebrows should have warned voters, she is an absolutely evil and manipulative individual. In place of real opinions of her own, or even as a representative of the people of Wyoming, she has instead run the leftist playbook step-by-step. Her quest for the holy grail of making white-straight males illegal is something she has been pushing full force since she got into office.

Elected to office back in 2021, she’s up for re-election soon, and given the attitudes of the people of Wyoming, it wouldn’t be surprising to see her out quickly. Despite that election coming up, it’s never soon enough, and the damage from her poisonous agenda will take years to erase from the state. She’s not alone in her role as a newly elected official that can’t seem to remember her job.

Both officials got their positions from their morals. While Gov Hobbs and the people of AZ get a bit of a pass as her choice of press secretary is an easy mistake to make, the people of WY don’t have a great excuse for their decision to elect Provenza to office, as her morality was clear in her campaign, as well as her intentions for the state.

This leftist message has been spreading through the US for years now. They’ve tried to push it by caring about the minorities when there is a racially charged narrative to push, they have taken a similar stance with the transgender population and now have manipulated the crimes in that community to be the blame on the straight community. How pathetic.