New Age Life Coaching Cult Leaves Parts of the UK Devastated – Next Stop Biden’s America?

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Lighthouse – formally known as Lighthouse International Group and based in the Midlands of England, has been cutting apart members from their families and loved ones across England. Collecting hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds from the weak-minded mentees they enlist, the group brings an Andrew Tate level of “alpha” mentality schooling that so many seem to lack.

Founded by South African businessman Paul Waugh, they proclaim they are a different kind of group, and by becoming a multimillionaire before 35, he claims he can fix people’s spiritual well-being. A recent expose following an 18-month study by BBC has exposed just how disastrous his methods can be to the members.

Jeff Leigh-Jones was the main subject of the study. After just a few months with Lifehouse, his girlfriend Dawn discovered just how much he has changed. Joining the group as he was getting ready for an ambitious solo hike to the South Pole, he thought the group could push him to be more prepared and on a faster timeline.

Suddenly he was spending entire days on phone calls to other members and shunning his family and friends. In a shocking revelation, he sold his house to invest more heavily with the group. Accidentally overhearing his phone conversation one day, Dawn discovered he wasn’t taking a coaching call. Rather, he was being advised to leave Dawn and his family behind to be a bigger member of the group. In November of 2021, she contacted the BBC for help, as her private investigator had gone as far as he could.

At the center of Jeff’s involvement is a former property developer in his late 30s named Jai. The calm and engaging manner seemed to be the key to drawing Jeff in, and he seemed to have it all. “I thought he was smart,” explained Jeff. “He was interested in the same ideas I was interested in.” With daily calls, Jai quickly got Jeff to invest £10,000 for a year-long mentorship course. Several months down the line, Jai presented a £25,000 opportunity to become a bigger and more involved member of Lighthouse.

Preying on Jeff’s fears of missing out on the mentorship he thought he needed, Jai encouraged Jeff to rush the donation, should the cost go up in the future. “He said it would be the best opportunity for me to succeed,” said Jeff. Now, a “Lighthouse Associate Elect,” he would be included in the daily calls and would now be networked in with other brilliant entrepreneurs. A connection like this could normally take decades to establish or fall into a bag of pure uncut luck. Instead, he could buy his way into success.

As the BBC’s investigation shows, there is no real growth in this course. Waugh took the concept of four “levels” from US psychiatrist M Scott Peck and claims everyone falls into these four levels of spiritual development. Starting in what he calls a “chaotic, childlike” status, by level four they will have become a “conscious and present person, free of constraints and fear.” What was initially explained as weeks now had taken over a year. Jeff was rightfully frustrated, to which Jai advised him to stop being emotionally “lazy.”

The fact of the matter is, Paul Waugh was the only person to ever reach level four at that time. While Paul claims others have “evolved” to that level after a decade with the group, this only happened after the BBC started digging around about it.

Others interviewed talked about troubled pasts and lost jobs drawing them to Lighthouse. Early on they are kept happy, but they are expected to funnel money to the top. Since happy people pay more and pay easier, they are kept that way as long as possible to keep the money flowing. Eventually, it just turned into continuous mentorship and questioning of their own life decisions.

This is the liberal playbook, just privatized. With Biden at the helm, the US is ripe for them to invade. Their ability to take the “struggle” that LGTBQ and minorities always talk about could be “solved” by a group like Lighthouse. Kind of like BLM was going to “solve” racism in the US, right?