Gender Checks in School Sports Are Normal, But Don’t Tell Democrats

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Democrats are having to come up with increasingly ludicrous excuses to try to stop Americans’ loathing for transgender dudes stealing all the girls’ trophies in school. Nobody buys their silly, “Trans women are women” nonsense when everyone can clearly see that mediocre male athletes like Bill Thomas can suddenly become a women’s NCAA swimming champion because of his unfair advantages and his strange willingness to put on a girl swimsuit. About a dozen states have now barred transgender dudes from participating in girls’ and women’s sports. What’s a huffy Democrat activist to do about this? Apparently, their idea is to just make up something new!

Kansas is coming close to being the next state that will protect girls’ and women’s sports from the trans agenda. That has one newspaper columnist at the Kansas Reflector really upset. The trans movement is clearly losing the argument against parents and mentally healthy people. So, the columnist found his inner Democrat Party drama queen last week and dialed it up to 11.
“Kansas anti-trans sports law opens door for genital inspections of kids. That’s the simple truth,” intones the headline.

But it’s not the truth. In every state where trans dudes have been banned from girls’ sports, they just ask to see a child’s birth certificate. It says one of two genders right on it. See for yourself.

The Kansas Reflector columnist is trying to pull off a truly hilarious and dishonest argument in that article. The column informs parents that if the Kansas bill becomes law, it will allow a doctor to inspect the genitals of kids in school – and that’s child abuse, according to the columnist.

What the author doesn’t seem to realize is that’s already going on in schools, and always has been. It’s called a “sports physical.” Maybe if the author of the column had played sports in school, instead of getting stuffed in a locker by the cool kids, he’d understand what all the professional comedians are talking about when they say, “Turn your head to the side and cough!”

The Reflector columnist acts as if he’s come upon a blazing argument that’s going to undercut all the parental revulsion over trans dudes in sports. “A doctor will inspect your child’s genitals!”

Uh… that pretty much happens from the moment a baby is born and the doctor first smacks them on the bum, until they insert a catheter in you at the nursing home. We’re all getting poked and prodded and inspected by doctors for most of our lives. That’s not “child abuse,” as the Reflector is trying to claim. It’s just part of the process. Your doctor is going to see you naked. Ask a soldier or Marine what happens in MEPS processing sometimes, nerds. Now, that’s an abusive inspection!

Their next argument is, “But what if a child doesn’t have a birth certificate?! A doctor will have to inspect the child’s genitals then!”

Whose kid doesn’t have a birth certificate? Oh. Right. Illegal aliens. Everything always circles back around to that with Democrats, doesn’t it?

So, if we’re following the Kansas Reflector’s logic correctly here, the new Kansas law will require kids to bring their birth certificate to school to confirm a child’s gender assigned at birth. If they’re an illegal alien who can’t produce a birth certificate, a doctor may have to examine them. And that’s somehow child abuse.

But it’s totally not child abuse to pretend that a boy is a girl, and then allow that boy to beat the tar out of our daughters on the soccer field and steal all the trophies. Got it.