CNN to Replace Struggling Headliner with His Ex-Wife

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Let’s say you’re not doing so hot at work anymore. Should you be fired or even demoted, it’s bad enough. But what if you then learned that your ex was the one replacing you?

It’d be like a kick in the teeth, right?

Well, that’s exactly what is rumored to be the plan for longtime CNN anchor John King.

If you know much about CNN as of late, it’s likely that they aren’t exactly doing so well right now on the popularity scale. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons the company has recently acquired new leadership.

And that new leader is making some rather big changes to how just about everything operates. One of those changes is that the infamously sexist Don Lemon has been demoted from his previous primetime spot on “CNN This Morning.”

Another appears to be the nixing of a number of “Inside Politics” anchors, including John King.

Reports have surfaced in the media industry that “Inside Politics” is in trouble, causing the need for some major changes, according to the Confider newsletter of the Daily Beast and details noted by The New York Post.

The program originally ran on the network from 1993 until its cancellation in 2005. But in 2014, it was deemed appropriate to bring it back. And King was put front and center.

However, in recent years, the program (just like about everything CNN related) has become quite opinionated. Instead of reporting on the news, King and other anchors have pivoted to only telling one side of the story, which usually comes from the political left.

Naturally, American viewers are tired of this and have since dropped the program and, for some, CNN altogether.

Newly instated President of the network, Chris Licht, is now creating quite a “shake up” as The Confider notes in an effort to save CNN.

The outlet noted that King has been with CNN since 1997. He worked his way up the ranks quite quickly, making it to chief national correspondent in 2005 after being the senior White House correspondent for the six years prior. During his career at CNN, he met and married Dana Bash, who began as a CNN producer and eventually moved to on-air work.

Once posted to the Inside Politics program, which wasn’t pulled back out until after Bash and King were divorced in 2012, it wasn’t uncommon to see Bash temporarily replace her ex-husband every now and then. But it was only for short stints, where she served as a substitute host.

This time around, things are quite different.

Like her ex, Bash has now served CNN as their chief political correspondent. As such, she frequently appears on “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper to discuss all things politics. This means moving her to “Inside Politics” wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

Of course, it’s kind of a slap in the face to King.

But, according to Licht, moves like these will have to be made to keep the network afloat. Hell, Licht has even sought advice from longshot Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy on how to increase CNN’s ratings.

According to the two’s discussion, if CNN has any hope at all, they have to get away from all the opinionated-focused programming and go back to simply reporting more unbiased news. According to reports from the New York Post, even CNN’s parent company WarnerBros. Discovery and its CEO David Zaslav is on board with such a plan.

And when they do need opinions, Licht has agreed that they need a balance of right and left, so he’s considering bringing on a few conservative hosts soon.

And that’s bad news for anchors like King, who have made their name in shotty journalism and taking sides. Perhaps his ex will have better luck.