Turns Out Only 350 People Make Up 1/3 of NYC’s Shoplifting Charges

Mike_shots / shutterstock.com
Mike_shots / shutterstock.com

A recent report from the New York Times has done some deep digging into the city’s problem with people shoplifting across the boroughs. It turns out that 327 people account for over 6,000 arrests and rearrests. Even more surprising, just 18 department stores and seven department chains are attracting 20 percent of the shoplifting arrests.

While some may triumph this as a sign that these stores are doing a great job of catching thieves or that their products are so good that people will risk anything to get their hands on them, it’s not a sign of anything positive. Instead, even law enforcement has admitted that shoplifting rings have been horrific for retailers in the city, with the liberal state and city laws on shoplifting making it nearly impossible for them to hold people accountable.

Given the surge in robberies and violence, many retailers and shopkeepers are afraid. Speaking with the NYT, one said, “Every day, they’re going into work as they usually do, and they’re not sure if the person walking in is there to rob them, going to steal from their store or start an issue where it just escalates to a point where they can’t control it.”

Fears like this are also a strong illustration as to why things like “profiling” or “stereotypes” are a tool police and shopkeeps need to use to stay safe. Undertaking these kinds of assumptions based on past actions or historical reports is simply a way to stay safe. Keeping yourself or your goods safe from those who wish to harm you is part of our rights as Americans.

Despite the outcries against this practice, it is a tool that has kept our species alive for eons. An effort to keep us from maximizing the use of our attention and effective policing through hyper-focused policing is a disaster waiting to happen. The liberals are taking every statistic, study, and tale to try and get the upper hand to push down conservatives and straight white males simultaneously. This effort doesn’t lend itself to success; instead, it is a way to punish the country as a whole to make things “fair.”

The problem is this “fair” isn’t actually fair at all. Instead, it penalizes people for paying attention to their surroundings and noticing when something doesn’t sit right. When a risk stands out to people, and they fail to act on it for fear of being saddled with a shameful label, it becomes dangerous for them to exist. It also encourages negative behavior by telling victims or potential targets to ignore the risk.

Godspeed to the NYPD and their efforts to combat these shoplifters and thieves. Taking a stand in an unpopular time and in an unpopular way is never easy. With people being so quick to condemn them simply for enforcing the law as it is written only serves to complicate the situation in their communities. Granted, that’s half the problem.

Many “activists” who speak out against these studies are the same ones you always hear about in the media. They struggle to get through their way of life in their lower-income communities. Suddenly, when their speeches catch on and they get some money for themselves, they are ready to leave the neighborhood as fast as the moving truck can get them out of dodge.

Much the same, many of the same activists who are against concealed carry in places like NYC are also the very same ones who are surrounded by bodyguards, with many of them concealed carrying weapons. This kind of protection leaves them feeling bulletproof and safe from crime, and they are in safe neighborhoods and with safe friends. Instead of wanting to keep their people safe, they only want to keep themselves “safer” but eliminate the lower rungs from keeping themselves unarmed and unable to prioritize their attention.

Simply put, NYC is the headquarters for the liberal kingdom, and it is a disastrous warzone of epic proportions.