This Mom’s Impassioned Plea to Congress Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

lev radin /
lev radin /

The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing in New York City on Monday to explore the soft-on-crime policies of the city’s prosecutors whose campaigns were financed by George Soros. Chief among those district attorneys was Alvin Bragg, who recently indicted President Donald Trump on fake charges. The allegation against Bragg is that he’s letting crime run rampant in New York City while pursuing frivolous junk like this case against Trump.

One mother who testified at the hearing put the Democrats to shame.

The Judiciary Democrats tried to make the hearing all about President Trump. While it is true that Trump played a larger-than-life role in the hearing, that’s the whole point. Alvin Bragg and other Soros DAs are letting murderers and rapists walk free while wasting hundreds of man-hours trying to “get Trump.” They are failing in their primary duty to uphold the law, and innocent victims are paying the price.

One of the victims who testified at the hearing was Madeline Brame, the chair of the Victims Rights Reform Council. Her son, who was an Afghanistan war veteran, was brutally beaten to death by several gang members back in 2018. After waiting five years for the case against those gang members to come to trial, Alvin Bragg came into office.

Two of the gang members who participated in the brutal murder of Ms. Brame’s son are now out of prison and walking around free.

“When Alvin Bragg came into office, he was handed a strong, trial-ready case,” testified Ms. Brame. “As soon as he took office, the case immediately began to unravel.”

Democrats can claim that the hearing was all about Trump, but they cannot simply dismiss the testimony of victims like Ms. Brame and others who are suffering because of Bragg’s willful dereliction of duty. Watch Ms. Brame’s opening statement at the hearing, where she describes how Bragg let her son’s killers off the hook.