Illegals on Their Way From Central America Are Protesting Crimes Against Humanity in Mexico on the Way

Vic Hinterlang /
Vic Hinterlang /

For years now, the US has been in a fight to maintain the security and amnesty of our southern border. Going head-to-head with illegal aliens from across the globe, drugs, human trafficking, and the exceptionally violent cartels who run them is a dangerous task, one that occasionally comes with consequences. Thankfully, with the pause of asylum claims the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) can remain relatively safe.

On the other side of the border, they aren’t so lucky.

Back in March, a group of 40 were killed when a fire rapidly tore through a housing facility those who had failed in achieving asylum were ravaged by fire. The massive fire started on March 27th “when they learned that they’d be deported,” according to Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Other reports have claimed that they were protesting how they had been treated.

What really kicked off the outrage was the leaking of a security clip that shows three uniformed officials walking out of a room and leaving the migrants in a locked room as the fire ravaged everything in its path.

In response, a caravan of roughly 3,000 people most from Tapachula near the Guatemalan border, and they have their sights set on Mexico City in 10 days. Comprised of asylum seekers from Central America, Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Colombia, they are hoping to bring attention to their deaths. With placards translating to “Government crime” and “the government killed them” along the way, their signs are their motto.

While previous demonstrations have continued and eventually reached the Mexican border, the cartels have also picked many of them apart. Taking captives to either smuggle drugs, be forced into human trafficking, or be killed, the cartels could care less about what these protestors want. To them, you’re either helping ensure their success or in their way. No other way about it. Should they get past them, they have corrupt local and state officials, all of who want to take some of that hard-earned money to let you pass.

The other interesting note is the proposed end to Title 42 on May 11th. The measure was first put in place by President Trump as a way to stop asylum claims as we were going through the COVID pandemic. As a matter of principle and way of life, keeping them out was the best way to help ensure the safety and health of all Americans.

Despite what the left like to think, we needed to put Americans first, and by keeping it this long into his presidency, even Biden has to admit it was a smart decision.

Now with it coming to a scheduled end, this migrant protest could not only easily reach American borders, but it could also roll right into that expiration date. Given the estimated time of 15 days by foot from Mexico City, they could likely find rides after reaching their goal, and storm the borders on or about May 11th.

This kind of journey is no joke, and they are at risk daily. However, that risk pales in comparison to the level of risk they bring to the US. Between cartel corruption, disease, and a lack of legal unskilled work that these illegals bring with them, there is little to no upside in granting hundreds of thousands more than usual asylum.

President Biden has been failing us since the outset. Mexican President Obrador is setting us up for failure. He knows they won’t strike back against him or his government, but they aren’t afraid to take that aggression out on US authorities. Perhaps this is the long goal, to simply overwhelm the border and take it down. Given the aggression from China with their police stations and drug trade being ran through Mexico, their cooperation to take the border on May 11th isn’t outside the realm of possibility.