We Stand Firmly Behind Alec Baldwin — Because That’s the Safest Place to Be

RoidRanger / shutterstock.com
RoidRanger / shutterstock.com

In a move that probably didn’t surprise very many people, the charges against Hollywood actor, Joe Biden spokesman and accused killer Alec Baldwin have been formally dropped. Utilizing a legal loophole known as “being a Democrat Party donor,” Baldwin was able to escape being put on trial for manslaughter after he allegedly killed some poor lady on a movie set.

Baldwin was on set for a movie filming in New Mexico in 2021 when the shooting happened. He was ranting about Donald Trump and waving his sidearm from the movie around on set when he (obviously) pulled the trigger. For some reason, the gun had a live round in it, which killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded the movie’s director.

Most people don’t realize this, but all modern firearms – including ones like the prop gun used by Alec Baldwin – are stress tested in a laboratory by gun manufacturers. They put the guns through “drop tests” and all sorts of interesting tests to try to make them accidentally go off. The purpose of the tests is to make sure that before that firearm ends up in someone’s hands, there is one thing, and hopefully only one thing that will make it fire — and that’s when a human being pulls the trigger.

Which is what Alec Baldwin obviously did. His story that the gun “just went off” never made any sense to anyone with basic knowledge of firearms. The truth is that Baldwin was waving the gun around like a reckless and entitled Hollywood liberal and he pulled the trigger, killing Hutchins.

Not that it matters, since the corrupt justice system has now let him off the hook for “committing crimes while being a Democrat.” He’s now free to go smoke crack with Hunter Biden and do some money laundering while cavorting with trafficked Ukrainian hookers, and like the First Son, he’ll never face any consequences.

We stand firmly behind Alec Baldwin, and you should too. That’s the only safe place to be when he’s waving a gun around.