Majority of Americans Think Cheating Affected the Outcome of the Last Two Elections

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New polling from Rasmussen Reports indicates that a majority of all voters in the United States think that fraud and cheating affected the outcomes of the elections in 2020 and again in 2022. Duh! The only people who don’t believe the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump work at MSNBC. You’d have to have a wear-a-helmet-outside IQ to think that the thousands of anomalies in that election didn’t affect the outcome.

Doubts about the 2020 election have not been assuaged by the mainstream media screaming at all of us and calling us “election deniers” for asking valid questions. The question that Rasmussen Reports asked voters in April was, “How likely is it that cheating affected the outcomes of some races in last year’s mid-term elections?”

60% of voters think it was likely, including 37% who think it was very likely. That means a lot of Independents and even Democrats believe that cheating affected the outcome of the midterms. Only 35% of voters think the midterms were fair, and only 20% believe that cheating was not at all likely.

Congratulations, people in charge! Only 1 in 5 Americans believe our elections are safe and secure!

Is it any wonder that Americans have lost faith in our “democracy?”

There were zero indicators that Joe Biden stood any chance of winning in 2020. Remember the Trump boat parades and vehicle parades that were spontaneously happening all over the country in 2020? Joe Biden could fit all of the people who attended his rallies in a mid-sized SUV. Remember what inflation was in 2020? Trump had it at zero percent for part of that year, despite a pandemic going on. ZERO percent! When was the last time that an incumbent president lost an election while the economy was good? Never. Not once.

The anomalies that piled up after the 2020 election were always shouted down. When people tried to sue to get courts to look at the evidence of fraud and widespread cheating, the entire judicial branch failed us. Every court looked at every single case and dismissed it, claiming that the people suing “lack standing.”

Throughout 2021, massive irregularities continued to pile up. The oldest known person in the world right now is a Spanish woman named Maria Morera. She’s 115 years old. Yet, in the state of Wisconsin, they had 70,000 people who cast votes who were supposedly 124 years old, or older. That actually happened. In Nevada, 15 out of 17 counties had more ballots cast than the number of registered voters. That sounds normal, right?

The forensic audit in Arizona found so many problems that reporters audibly gasped in the state senate chamber when the findings were released. The reporters were worried that Biden’s goose was cooked, and that Trump would be reinstalled in the White House after the election was overturned. Not that the Arizona legislature ever did anything about it.

The same goes for the 2022 midterms. Kari Lake had the wind at her back in Arizona. Despite having the entire media in Arizona bashing her day in and day out, plus the entire national media, her opponent somehow “won” the election. It was impossible for Kari Lake to lose that election for governor. But she did lose, after her opponent Katie Hobbs, who administered the election, took and extra couple of weeks to count all the ballots behind closed doors and with snipers on the roof keeping observers away.

This massive mistrust of our elections only started recently, after the rollout of mass mail-in balloting. Seems like an easy fix. If we banned mail-in voting as all civilized countries do, we wouldn’t be having these banana republic problems with our elections.