Michelle Obama Just Won the Democratic Nomination

Debby Wong / shutterstock.com
Debby Wong / shutterstock.com

If you’re anything like me or most of the country, for that matter, the idea of another four years with Democratic and dementia-ridden President Joe Biden and his unreliable sidekick Kamala Harris isn’t all that appealing. In fact, it’s downright terrifying.

But you know what might be even worse? Another Obama presidency.

And according to some of the nation’s best political experts, that’s exactly where it looks like we’re headed.

Mind you, we aren’t talking about former President Barack Obama, as he’s already served the maximum number of terms and years as our commander-in-chief. Instead, as more than a few have warned, it’s his wife, Michelle, we should be wary of.

If you know much at all about the Democratic Party, it’s that while Joe Biden is their so-called darling, complete with the full backing and coverup of pretty much all mainstream media outlets in the nation, he’s only been put into that position because someone more favorable hasn’t been available.

But thanks to his rising age, increase in verbal blunders, and no, lack of significant mistakes made on the job, he’s losing that support at a devastating rate. All the while, backing for Michelle Obama is only rising.

And that’s precisely why a growing number of people are concluding that an old bait and switch by the Democratic Party will soon be upon us.

Take The Western Journal’s Floyd Brown, for instance. Well entrenched in the world of politics and its possibilities, Brown is signaling that the time for Obama to take over as the preferred Democratic candidate is nearly upon us.

On Wednesday, he spoke to Newsmax about the possibility, noting that while it’s still a bit of an “outlier,” the signs of such a move are showing up everywhere. You know, things like the media slowly beginning to call him out and lose interest in him.

Besides, the Democratic Party can’t really expect voters to trust a degenerative failure like Joe Biden anymore, right? I mean, look at his age. And then look at what he’s done to this nation.

Or what about the fact that the Party just announced that their convention will be held in Chicago in 2024, Michelle Obama’s hometown?

For Brown, this latter bit of information is “their tell,” practically proving that Michelle is definitely on the shortlist to replace Biden.

Former Clinton strategist Dick Morris has also noted the likelihood of such a move by the Party, as well as the fact that if she were to run, Biden would cease to exist as a presidential candidate in mere seconds.

Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House, has also recently warned about a possible Obama run.

In late April, he noted that while she still seemed determined not to run, as Brown said, the signs are everywhere else. And should she do so, both Democrats and Republicans had better be paying “significant attention to” her.

Now, to be clear, as Gingrich said, Obama has been quite adamant that she isn’t interested in the presidency or politics. Hell, she even told the press last year that the mere idea of running or returning to the White House “detests” her, adding, “No, I’m not going to run.”

However, this wouldn’t be the first time someone promised they wouldn’t be running and then later changed their mind. Take Hillary Clinton in 2016, for example. So perhaps, the timing is just right yet, or the incentive to do so isn’t palpable enough for Obama at present.

Whatever the case, should she change her mind, it could change the entire 2024 election process. And not just for the Democratic Party. As both Gingrich and Brown have hinted, she would make quite a formidable opponent for the political right, as well – even for candidates as strong as former President Donald Trump.

Besides, it’s not like the media won’t jump at a chance to declare her the immediate winner.