President Biden Defends Hunter’s Integrity on MSNBC

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May 5th was a celebratory day for many Americans as many taco spots and local bars make a festive day of ‘Cinco de Mayo.’ Yet, in President Biden’s taped interview for MSNBC, he makes it very well known that he isn’t in the mood to celebrate. Instead, he was there to go on the defensive, and his number one target to block for was his son Hunter.

Still, at the center of a slowly moving case revolving around Hunter’s laptop, the list of problems continues to grow. Evidence of Hunter’s international “business” dealings, drug use (by his own admission in a book as well as on film), illegally obtained firearms, and how the President benefitted from his criminal activity is all on this one laptop. A laptop the alphabet agencies claimed didn’t exist. One the President previously said was a Russian hoax.

Yet now here he is defending him. With host Stephanie Ruhle pushing him to open up about potential charges by the Department of Justice, and how it impacts his presidency, Biden remained convinced Hunter was a good boy. “First of all, my son’s done nothing wrong. I trust him. I have faith in him, and it impacts my presidency by making me feel proud of him.”

It’s insane that he is proud of this multi-level criminal. Hunter has done everything he can to torpedo his family, yet they are so deeply entrenched in the liberal media and pushing around of agencies, nothing happens. Daddy keeps protecting him, and the American people have gotten nowhere in trying to prove just how corrupt the whole family is.

On April 17th Rep. James Comer (R-KY) released a statement from the House Oversight Committee (where he is the chairman) announcing the identification of six more members of the Biden family who were tied in with nefarious business deals with Hunter.

May 3rd also saw Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Rep. Comer releasing a letter to the FBI. In the letter, they demanded the agency release info about a whistleblower and their first-hand knowledge of a crime perpetrated by then Vice President Biden with a foreign national. An allegation like this is most serious, and it needs a full and thorough investigation as soon as possible.

With a report from The New York Post opening the inquiry as to the information on Hunter’s abandoned laptop being first reported in October 2020, and the Daily Caller News Foundation authenticating them the same month, it would seem the nails were driven on Biden and his family. Yet still he stole the election.

When The Washington Post and The New York Times confirmed all the authentication in March 2022 as they reported on the case against Hunter, it would seem likely that this was all coming to an end. Yet here we still are.

Evidence like this is massive and should be incredibly destructive to anyone in a position of power, especially a sitting President. Given the number of allegations and the seriousness of them, it would seem reasonable for him to be facing charges. Yet none have been filed, and his daddy keeps going on professing his innocence. Almost as if he believes that if he says it enough it will become true.

It’s parents like Joe Biden that have turned America into the nation it has become. He is directly responsible for the destruction and desecration of the fabric of the American way of life by underscoring the idea that you support your kids all the time. That’s not how parenting is done, and yet that’s the example he keeps giving the nation.

If Joe Biden wants to be even a mediocre father he would call Hunter to the carpet for his transgressions and make him pay the price. He will remind the American people that nobody is above the law and that everyone needs to mind the rule of law. Even politicians and their families.

Then again, if he did that he would be a conservative.