Mainstream Media Refuses To Cover Case of Two Black Men Who “Wanted To Kill a White Person” in Louisiana

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From the repeat offender who plowed his vehicle through holiday crowds in Wisconsin to mass shootings with an AR15, the mainstream media does everything it can to avoid stories about black men committing crimes with racially motivated agendas. To use a phrase commonly uttered by liberals across the country “You can’t be racist against white people,” and so they see nothing that is a “hate crime” in their stories.

In the latest act of blatant black-on-white racism, two black men gunned down Lawrence Herr in Kenner Louisiana on April 11th simply because he was white. 25-year-old Tahj Matthews and 25-year-old Maurice Holmes shot and killed Herr as he installed a new mailbox outside a home on Georgetown Drive.

Initially, Kenner Police Chief Keith Conley claimed, “One of the suspects did say they were on a random shooting binge and wanted to commit a murder, we think there may be ulterior motives and that’s what the detectives are investigating.” However, in court on May 9th, a detective on the case said that Matthews admitted under questioning that they “wanted to kill a white person.”

Naturally, their defense attorney has raised objections to eyewitness statements, clarity of the surveillance footage that captured the assailants, and even how fast the duo was charged with first-degree murder. With that charge, there is no opportunity for bail, and that’s exactly what their attorney was attempting to have issued.

According to Chief Conley, the duo was identified due to license plate readers in the area, and his officers did everything as they should have. This allowed them to identify the vehicle used in the murder in under three hours and make the two arrests very shortly thereafter.

“Let this serve as a message to anyone who considers terrorizing this city or its people that the Kenner PD will be relentless until we bring a criminal to justice. This was a heinous drive-by assassination of a kind, caring man who was helping other. We were determined to end the rage of these criminals before they could target anyone else.” Chief Conley is certainly proud of the men and women of his department, as well as the citizens of his community, and rightly so.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media doesn’t share this same sense of pride. Instead, they feel ashamed that they might have to report the truth. It’s difficult for liberal Americans to accept that evil people of all races, sexes, and religious backgrounds exist. In their minds, it’s only the straight, white, Christian males who are committing these actions. A minority would never do something with racial motivation.

The idea that the minority never stands up against the majority is not only incredibly dangerous, but it is also outright dumb. For ages, we have been raising children on the David versus Goliath stories, and other inspirational pieces to inspire people to stand up for what they believe is right. That being said, it’s not hard to imagine them feeling that the white man is the source of all their problems in life and trying to take whites out at random.

For the mainstream media to ignore stories like this are dangerous. It not only tells white men what we’ve learned over the last few decades; mainstream America doesn’t care about us, but it also tells us that nobody cares if we get taken out by someone with an agenda of hate. People don’t need to hear this message or deal with this idea of hatred in their life.

Random killings have happened off and on for ages in this country and as the mental health epidemic in this country is ignored and denied by the liberals in this nation, we will continue to have these problems. Until we report on these hate-filled killings with no filter based on the races involved, nothing will change.