OP-ED: Governor DeSantis Taking Florida Back the Same Way Our Next President Needs To Take Back the US

The Old Major / shutterstock.com
The Old Major / shutterstock.com

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is expected to sign Florida Senate Bill 1718 to combat illegal immigration in the State of Florida. Under this piece of legislation, businesses could face a $10,000 fine per undocumented immigrant, and the state could revoke their business license. According to construction workers, this is leaving many in Miami afraid.

Speaking with CBS News Miami, a construction worker known simply as Jose said “Many workers are leaving, thinking they’re going to be deported, so they’re going to other states. Everyone is really uneasy…we just want to work to help our families.” They aren’t alone in their concerns.

If this is signed off on, hospitals will be forced to report the immigration status of a patient if they are using Medicare. Given the $226 million in healthcare costs for illegal immigrants, the state has a good cause to investigate options for reducing the costs of having such a high illegal immigrant population. Once signed it will become effective July 1st.

A bill like this has been publicly backed by DeSantis in numerous speeches and statements. This American patriot sees the invasion the illegals have brought to the borders of the US as the invasion that it is. Enacting a bill like this should (in theory) keep the thousands crossing over the border from Texas from trying to come to Florida. As more and more migrants have tried coming over from Cuba and other Caribbean islands into Florida, or through Puerto Rico, the state has come under siege and the time for change is now.

Floridians have been contending with their own influxes of illegal immigration not only from the southern border. Instead, each section of the state has had a unique invasion. Down in Miami, the flood of illegal Cubans and other Caribbean illegal immigrants has been drowning the city. Tampa and St Petersburg have seen a tremendous surge in Russian and Eastern European as well as Mexican illegal immigrants. Orlando has been flooded with illegal Asians.

With the numerous strawberry, citrus, and other produce farms across the state the illegal labor has been a godsend to many major producers. The never-ending stream of illegals has allowed them to keep rising costs down while maintaining a healthy margin to report to investors. By signing 1718 DeSantis will take back the state of Florida in a way that has not been seen in decades.

Making moves that Bill 1718 can get across for the average Floridian is an unprecedented idea here in the US. Telling them that their illegal action of coming to the State of Florida in a manner that violates their laws will not be abided by is perfect. It’s telling people that much like if they were a citizen here, they will have to either obey the laws or pay the penalty for their crimes.

It’s keeping these kinds of laws enacted that will ultimately be the big difference-maker in fighting the battle against illegal immigration. A message like this coming from the highest office in the nation, and being honest about it is the key to getting the changes that the nation needs to return to economic prosperity and freedom to be the Americans we once were.

For some, it seems as if the idea of returning to an economically prosperous, healthy, and safe country is a bad idea. We have already seen the downfalls of inaction, and how quickly it can invade our homes, bankrupt our businesses, and devastate our communities. As it stands we have Americans who are unable to find adequate work and the competition these illegals bring to the job market can be disastrous.

President Trump tried to make American great again. With his fall from grace and the charges he’s now facing with no real evidence, there is little sense in tying the hopes of the GOP to a lame horse. DeSantis represents the ingenuity, integrity, and Americanism that the Trump American knew and loved, but without any of the scandals that he enveloped in the last 20 years or so. He’s what we need, and quite possibly could be our last hope against the liberals.