Record-High 59 Percent Say Bidenflation is Crushing Their Families

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In a sign of a further weakening Biden economy, a record-high number of Americans now say they’re being impacted by Bidenflation. The numbers appeared in the latest YouGov/Economist poll that was published on Wednesday.

59% of Americans now say that inflation is affecting their families “a lot.” Another 36% said that Bidenflation is impacting them “a little.” There only 5% of Americans who now say inflation has not made an impact on their lives.

Of course, you already knew that if you’ve been grocery shopping lately. Inflation just ticked up by another .4 percent in April, despite the Fed cranking up interest rates again. The price of everything suddenly went up at the grocery store again at the beginning of May as a result.

The rest of the poll results weren’t much better. A plurality of 48% believe that there’s no way that inflation will be better six months from now. Only 13% believe that inflation will go down, while 28% think it will stay exactly the same as it is now—which is bad.

Likewise, only 10% believe gas prices will be lower in six months. (Spoiler alert: It’s impossible for gas prices to be lower when the supply is being strangled.)

40% believe the economy is shrinking, and that it is in “Poor” condition. At this point, it’s hard to imagine anyone thinking that they will vote for more of this in 2024. We’ve never had such a stark contrast between two presidential administrations in history. We were flying high until the 2020 election was stolen, and we’ve been circling the drain since Joe Biden was falsely installed behind razor wire and 20,000 armed soldiers.

Things will start getting better almost immediately if the voters get rid of Biden in 2024. The problem for many voters is going to be financially surviving until that day comes.