Hillary Clinton and Dems are Torched by Russell Brand on Election Fraud

Featureflash Photo Agency / shutterstock.com
Featureflash Photo Agency / shutterstock.com

Apparently, I’m not the only one tired of hearing about election deniers. Comedian Russell Brand has heard far too much as well. And he’s letting it be known.

In a recent airing of his show, he pointed out that Democrats have no real right to complain about those they call “election deniers” or their claims that there might be problems with our electoral process, voting machines, etc. After all, it’s not like they’ve ever complained about the same, right?

It all started with a video clip posted on Twitter by someone known as KaneokaTheGreat. The video is about 20 minutes long and features a whole slew of Democrats who, over the years, have touted the failings of our elections, whether that be because of faulty machines, voter suppression, or fraud.

If you didn’t know any differently, you’d think it was a group of Republicans, as the Democrats act as if only the GOP complains about such things. You would also believe that, based on these rantings, at least some Democrats, at some point in time, did, in fact, believe that election integrity and security were important.

You get a much different story by listening to them complain about election deniers now.

And that has led even those like Russell Brand to condemn their more recent line of thinking regarding elections. Sure, he’s a little late to the game and not wholly correct. But at least he sees the hypocrisy.

On his podcast, Brand uses the video as proof that plenty of liberal-leaning politicians have decried the so-called unfairness of our elections over the years. Some have even claimed that they were stolen. And some weren’t even all that long ago.

We all remember how much Hillary Clinton squawked about voter fraud and faulty machines when she lost to Trump in 2016. She also claimed “Russian interference.” She claimed, “Virginia just stopped using touch-screen computer voting because it’s so vulnerable.”

In fact, she even told every secretary of state that they should be investigating all voting machines, looking for any hint that they could have been “hacked and attacked.”

Election fraud was also mentioned by liberal big hitters like Representatives Val Demings, Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas, and Adam Schiff of California. Hell, even Joe Biden has said voter fraud and the need for increased voter security before.

When? Well, just about any time the Republicans held a majority or won the White House. They did it in 2000 when George W. Bush won. It happened again in 2004 when Bush was re-elected. And as I mentioned before, in 2016.

So as Brand correctly says, it’s not just a Republican thing to do.

“In the event we lose, we complain about the system. The Republicans do it and, plainly, as you just saw, the Democrats do it.” And so – “I don’t think the Democrat Party are sufficiently different from the Republican Party or the right to be able to complain in this way.”

Of course, he’s right. It seems to be mere human nature to complain or try to blame someone else when things don’t go our way, whether it’s really their fault or not.

Unfortunately, the only time the media, which of course, is backed by the political left, has a problem with these types of complaints is when it’s Republicans saying them.

As Brand says, what needs to happen is for both sides to realize that if they are both complaining about the same things, then actual change and an increase in voter and election security needs to be pushed through.

Of course, that would only work if we eliminated “powerful deep state and corporate interest.”

In any case, if Russell Brand has finally picked up on this fact, then perhaps there’s hope for the media to eventually come around after all. Hell, who am I kidding….