New Details About Potential Trump Running Mate Emerge

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With another presidential Donald Trump run officially in the works, it seems everyone is talking about who his pick for vice president will be. And according to one website, the field for such is narrowing.

As you can imagine, the options for vice president could be nearly endless for a man as popular as Trump.

Of course, they would have to meet a certain set of criteria. For Trump, the most important characteristic is loyalty. And considering his controversial political career, this clearly rules quite a few people out.

According to the website 1945, only three people are left in the running for a possible Trump VP. They are all women and all hard-hitting conservatives: Kari Lake from Arizona, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, and Kristi Noem from South Dakota.

Lake has recently made headlines for narrowly losing Arizona’s gubernatorial race against Democrat Katie Hobbs. As 1945 says, she is a “unique creature, spewing the hard right rhetoric that MAGA Nation finds so endearing, while doing so with the glitz and polish of a seasoned TV reporter.”

Given her rough start in Congress, Greene might be a bit more controversial. However, in recent days she’s begun to gain more acceptance in the GOP, and not just from those on the outer fringes. As 1945 says, if she can make herself more appealing to the party as a whole, she has a very good shot at being VP.

Governor Kristi Noem is about as loyal as they come. She’s continued to support Trump through all the rough patches and, unlike others such as Florida’s Ron DeSantis, has made it clear that she won’t run against him ever. She’s also maintained her conservative popularity by putting her state first and foremost and making some very Trump-like policies.

While the Associated Press has mentioned that Trump doesn’t seem to be “actively discussing” VP prospects right now, it’s pretty clear these three would rank rather high on his list.