Reporter Caught Trying To Make DeSantis Look Weak; His Team Set the Record Straight

The Old Major /
The Old Major /

Try as you might, you won’t make a Navy SEAL look weak, or even their lawyers.

Somehow, Tara Palmeri of Puck News (formerly Politico) thought that she could strongarm her way in and around Florida’s Republican Governor and soon-to-be Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis. In one of her latest pieces, she tried claiming she chased down the Governor and made him run away from her hard-hitting questions.

The questions she was asking him (as reported by DeSantis’ war room on Twitter) as he walked away from her babbling weren’t serious ones. If anything, these questions were nothing more than liberal bait at a 4th-grade level. “I am Italian American, too. Does that matter to you? … Why are you against Disney characters? Which one is your favorite one?”

Her harassment of the Governor while leaving President Biden alone is well covered, yet she likes to claim that Biden doesn’t answer many questions due to his “stutter”.

If anything, Biden has proven that his mental state is suspect, and the American people should be deeply concerned about where he will take this country in the rest of the time he has left in office. Palmeri has proven that she is just like every other leftist reporter and is more than happy to cover up as much as she can for her beloved senile puppet, all while she shames a man who could help get the country back on the right track.

Her push to destroy DeSantis’ campaign with claims he would never win the Presidency is a hilarious one. He took a long time split (or purple) state like Florida and managed to win his reelection campaign by more than 20 points.