Why This Christian Teacher Was Banned from Teaching for Good

AJR_photo / shutterstock.com
AJR_photo / shutterstock.com

You would think that schools would appreciate the facts when it comes to math. But for this math teacher in the UK, they have pretty much cost him his livelihood.

Introducing Christian math teacher Joshua Sutcliffe, who used to teach in the United Kingdom until recently. But one school after another has decided that his faith is too much for the classroom.

And no, he wasn’t even pushing his faith. Instead, he simply called a girl a girl.

As Fox News reported, Sutcliffe used to teach math at Cherwell School in Oxford. One day, he congratulated a group of girls for correctly figuring out math problems. He said, “Well done, girls.” And for that, the school had him put on leave and later dismissed from their employ.

Apparently, one of the students thought Sutcliffe was “misgendering” them.

So Sutcliffe looked for work else, finding it in a London Catholic school, where you’d think his views on sexuality and faith would be more appreciated.

However, it wasn’t long before his time at this school was also cut short. This time he had allegedly showed a group of students a Prager University video on masculinity and explained the biblical view on sex and marriage.

Now, according to Sutcliffe, this didn’t happen in the classroom. And he didn’t even show the video to the students. Instead, he merely mentioned the footage during a campus Bible club meeting, recommending that the students check it out in their spare time.

In any case, the Teaching Regulation Authority (TRA), which is a part of the Department of Education, decided that this, coupled with his previous sin, was “unacceptable professional conduct” and “bringing the teaching profession into disrepute.”

He has been barred from teaching in the United Kingdom for his trespasses.

Now, there is a chance that Sutcliffe could appeal his case and possibly even win. However, it’s a desperately terrifying situation and in a nation where Christianity is the official religion. Furthermore, it should be a warning to Christians everywhere.