Matt Gaetz Takes on CNN and Wins

lev radin /
lev radin /

If you know much about Florida Republican and Representative Matt Gaetz, it’s likely that he’s not afraid of much. And now, he’s even taking on CNN.

Over the years since Gaetz entered Congress, we’ve seen him take on several big names.

He made headlines by confronting fake liberal witnesses in the Trump impeachment trials. He took on the Democrats in their own words during committee hearings. Hell, he even scored some points against Donald Trump and now House Speaker Kevin McCarthy just a few months back.

Needless to say, him taking the bull by the horns isn’t something strange to him. And neither is he afraid to do so.

That was once again proved on Friday night when he agreed to be a substitute host for up-and-coming conservative media outlet Newsmax on their “Greg Kelly Reports” show. If you haven’t heard of the show, it can be found airing during the prime-time slot of 10 p.m. Eastern time, the same time as CNN’s “The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper.”

And that’s what makes this most interesting.

You see, Gaetz received more views even against one of the biggest single names on CNN.

According to the New York Post, Gaetz’s performance drew about 282,000 viewers. Cooper only amassed 249,000.

To be clear, this likely has much more to do with the content being discussed than the people telling it – at least in some aspect.

If you caught Gaetz’s reporting debut, you’d know he did an excellent job of discussing things that the people of America really care about. You know, things that are happening now and matter.

After a bit of trademark humor, Gaetz went on to discuss the recent and ongoing debt-ceiling talks, the weaponization of the FBI against conservatives, and of course, inflation.

Meanwhile, Cooper spent an hour looking back on a 2022 mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

Of course, that’s not to say the shooting isn’t important. However, since it happened a full year ago, it’s not what people are currently interested in.

And if Democrats need to learn anything, it’s that talking about the here and now is what really matters, not the past.