Doctors Horrified at How Fast Young People Are Getting Cancer

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In a world such as ours, with all its instant gratifications and dangers, it should be no surprise that society as a whole isn’t getting any healthier. But according to a new study, the rate at which people are getting cancer and dying, even young people, is growing at a rather astronomical rate.

And it’s something we should all take note of.

As the UK Daily Mail recently reported, it basically all comes down to one new and rather mysterious cancer type. It’s called colorectal cancer, and according to oncology experts, it’s expected to be the leading cause of cancer deaths for those under age 50 “by the end of the decade.”

Of course, the larger issue is that there is still so little known about this cancer or what causes it. Possibilities range from being female and born via cesarean section, oral antibiotic use, and lifestyle habits.

For Dr. Toufic Kachaamy, Chief of Medicine at the City of Hope Phoenix, it’s most definitely the latter.

And to some extent, he has to be correct.

After all, we all know that certain lifestyles or life habits just aren’t healthy and pose rather serious health risks. You know, things like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, eating fast-food, not exercising, etc.

And certainly, when combined, those risks only increase, sometimes exponentially.

Kachaamy believes this is, first and foremost, what is causing such a sudden growth in colorectal cancer cases, as society has become increasingly sedentary over the years and instant gratification of appetites has become a norm.

I mean, just look at what has become normal. There are fast food restaurants everywhere. Hell, even in more sit-down restaurants, the expectation is not to wait very long before your meal is served.

And when it comes to exercise, well, most companies can’t even find people to work simple jobs, let alone ones that are physically demanding. Instead, the political left has taught us that the government should provide us with everything we need or want, all for free.

Sure, the right-wing tends to oppose such views, but with decades of this being rammed down our throats and still enduring the throes of a pandemic lockdown, we were bound to pick up on it a bit here and there.

But as Dr. Kachaamy and others believe, it all could be leading us down a very dangerous road, literally. Soon, it won’t be unheard of for cancer to ravage the young and seemingly healthy. Hell, we’re pretty much already there.

But I doubt any of that will stop the left side of the aisle from purporting their way as the best.

In any case, “eat healthy and exercise” is still the best health advice out there. It just turns out to also be good social and cultural advice.