The One Thing America Could Do to Stave Off Its Imminent Collapse (But Won’t)

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Everyone senses on some level that America is headed toward a catastrophe. The team of the unelected Joe Biden has driven inflation so high and impoverished so many families in such a short time that everyone is feeling it. When it comes to one of the root causes, however, most people are unaware of how much of a contributing factor it is because we are so brainwashed as a society. The Atlantic magazine has published some blockbuster research that tries to pinpoint why America is headed for a societal collapse soon—and they hit two out of three of the causes.

The research story that The Atlantic just published is titled “America is Headed Toward Collapse.” That cheery title, and the even cheerier research, was written by someone named Peter Turchin, who has a book coming out on the subject soon. Operating on the premise that all societies experience political or economic upheaval and collapse at some point, his team of researchers created a database containing hundreds of societies over 10,000 years of history.

They identified two major causes of societal collapse but missed the third one—which we’ll get to in a bit.

The first cause of the societal collapse, Turchin writes, is something he calls “popular immiseration—when the economic fortunes of broad swaths of a population decline.”

That describes Joe Biden’s time in the White House perfectly. It also describes the presidencies of George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama extremely well. The twin religions of global warming and free trade have caused the collapse of America’s manufacturing sector—the nation’s economic engine. The four years of Donald Trump’s presidency were the only time that the bleeding has slowed down in the past 34 years.

The middle class was crushed by the false promises of free trade, which shipped tens of millions of jobs overseas. Life is now being made completely unlivable economically for most Americans because of the dictates of the global warming cult. Republicans in Congress can’t even keep Joe Biden from banning gas stoves, which will cause the price of yet another necessary appliance to skyrocket beyond reach. Just drive an $80,000 electric car, peasants!

The second factor Turchin’s team identified is “elite overproduction—when a society produces too many superrich and ultra-educated people, and not enough elite positions to satisfy their ambitions.”

We started handing out college degrees like candy when Bill Clinton was in office, and the federal government began subsidizing degrees backed by taxpayers’ money. The over-production of elites that resulted has caused elections to become corrupt, untrustworthy free-for-alls, and six-figure government jobs are the norm while regular folks suffer from their wages being crushed.

Turchin identifies two periods in American history when the nation went through massive societal upheaval: the Civil War and the Great Depression. The war resulted in 600,000 American deaths, and the Depression resulted in widespread poverty for a generation. However, we did manage to get out of the Depression non-violently. And that’s where Turchin’s team has missed the elephant in the room.

Mass immigration was occurring in the run-up to the Civil War, primarily in non-English-speaking European countries. The loss of social cohesion was a contributing factor in why the war was so bloody and violent. Immigrant soldiers didn’t mind; it’s not like they were killing their own friends or relatives in their home countries.

America got through the upheaval of the Great Depression non-violently. What was the difference between that and the previous near collapse? Immigration levels were massively restricted to near zero from the early 1900s until 1965. We had much greater social cohesion when we were a more homogenous society, and all immigrants were expected to assimilate before any more could be brought in. It was understood that diversity is never a strength. It always leads to war.

America has absorbed more immigrants—legal and illegal—than any nation in history since the passage of the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965. No one in power wants to restrict immigration or even slow the flood down at this point, and no leader is willing to suggest mass expulsions that would help American wages. This means that the next societal collapse that happens is not going to end non-violently. Adjust your plans accordingly.