Even at the State Level, the Liberal Alphabet Agencies Take Advantage of You, and You Are Essentially Powerless

fizkes / shutterstock.com
fizkes / shutterstock.com

In the town of Sandy Hook, Pennsylvania the few homes in this tiny town have enjoyed the Sandy Hook Water Association since 1965. Discovering a mountainous spring above their township, they up and decided to connect their piping system to the spring water to their homes. No country or state permission, just their ingenuity.

100% natural without pumps or electricity, the elevation of the spring pushed the water down the pipes and kept everyone on an even water pressure. Over the years the Association expanded, and it reached several dozen in size. Founding members each paid $750 to get connected and make the system operational. When others joined they paid similar fees. In most of the years that followed, residents paid $25 a year for water.

Naturally, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) eventually heard about it in 2006 via an anonymous tip that the unregulated water spring might be hazardous to their health. Nobody ever fessed up, leaving residents to wonder if it was someone being concerned or if someone felt slighted they couldn’t join the water system. Former President of the Sandy Hook Water Association Gerald Wingert saw them come in and just make horrific changes.

“When you’re dealing with DEP there, any way you do it is their way. And you got to remember with DEP, common sense and what it costs are not in their equation. Anytime you take common sense out of an equation, you’re gonna have — you’re gonna have to add a multiplication table for what’s going to cost you. It’s just that simple. We’re talking simple crap here; we’re not talking anything high pitch.”

Coming in, the DEP forced this small community to cough up a total of over $800,000 by 2023 to comply with the mysterious regulations that were suddenly slapped on them. The new pipes, mechanized filtration systems, filter building, chlorine infusing, and other things didn’t do anything to help their water.

Per a 2012 New York Times piece on water purity that included this tiny township, their untouched water was cleaner than clean. 47 of the 54 contaminants weren’t even traceable. Yet, DEP claimed that unless it was chlorinated the bacteria weren’t 100% dead, and as such posed a huge risk. Never mind that UV filtration could achieve the same effect and was suggested but ignored.

This state alphabet agency operates just like the federal ones do. If the press contacts them, they have no comment. If the town they are trying to intimidate stands up for themselves, they send in the dogs to try and face off with them in person. If you want to record it to guarantee the accuracy of their word and recording it, they won’t show up.

Back in 2017, DEP sued Highland Township after they passed a new provision that prevented corporations or the government from opening new oil and gas waste disposal locations or services in their town. This basic environmentalism drove DEP insane. With Seneca Resources wanting a well for their services put in, the DEP took up the fight on their behalf to push their fake environmentalism on the town.

Alphabet agencies like DEP exist across the US. These small-minded and over-funded organizations use made-up political and governmental clout to try and stake their claim on different parts of the US.

As always, the liberal left is completely backing these environmentalists. They see the money they can steal by lying to hard-working Americans about their arbitrary, made-up, and delusional regulations. This isn’t being taken at the tip of the sword, either. Rather they are doing it on pen and paper, for they are too cowardly to face the very people they steal from.

If this isn’t happening where you live, consider yourself lucky, but get ready. It’s coming.