LGBTQ Now Poisoning Infant-Targeted Cartoon Network Show

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rafapress /

For decades now, the left has enjoyed pandering to the LGBTQ community and making every whim of their group the battle cry of their agenda. Over the years, they have slowly gained ground as opinions across the nation change. Surprisingly, children’s cartoons have largely been left alone from their direct agenda being placed in a predominant role.

Now, they want to change all that.

June 17th’s episode of “We Baby Bears,” the infant-themed and targeted prequel to “We Bare Bears,” is the Season 2 premiere. Titled “Polly’s New Crew,” the episode will feature the main bears funning into an old, cursed friend. During the episode, they run into two different trans characters. One new character proclaims, “am the great Winnifred, she/her, actor extraordinaire.”

Not to be outdone, the Bear named “Panda” introduces their other new trans character, Box. Introduced by saying the star-adorned box utilizes “they/them pronouns and they make an exceptionally good quiche.”

See the new trans characters here:

Getting this kind of discussion into infant-based programming is dangerous. While we encourage kids to play make-believe and enjoy their young and carefree days, we shouldn’t be telling them that adults can do it. With how much effort we put into teaching them how to form words, we don’t need to be confusing them about gender. Making it more difficult by putting this kind of puzzling scene in front of their young and impressionable eyes is horrific.

It’s bad enough that they already let these cartoon bears and other characters run around on the tv without pants on. They encourage the naked running that infants are infamous for, and it’s disastrous to the moral fabric of America. Now with their introduction of these trans characters, they have truly poisoned the show. At least if it fails, GLAAD provided an excuse of them doing it to embrace a new trans person working on the show will play well for mainstream tv.