AI Program Pretending to be Jesus is Flocked to by Thousands

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The Bible tells us that near the end, many will claim to be something they are not, including God himself or the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Well, this is one of those.

Introducing an AI called “ask_jesus.”

According to The Independent, it’s a chatbot resembling Jesus Christ created by a tech collective out of Berlin. It appears as a white, bearded man complete with a radiant halo and guidance/advice on just about anything you want to ask, from gaming to relationships.

Supposedly, the AI was trained on the teachings of Jesus and the Bible. However, as all too many have noted, those supposed teachings don’t exactly align with the Word of God.

Instead, they tend to be all too politically correct.

As one user noted, the answer “all love is love” was given when the AI was asked about gay marriage.

Another user asked it to explain the first book of the Bible, Genesis, in terms of pizza. Supposedly it answered, “so Italians can understand.”

Rather than sounding like Jesus Christ, the bot sounds more and more like Deepak Chopra or some equally “zen” like being.

But, of course, that hasn’t stopped thousands from flocking to it. According to its Twitch channel, the live stream already has over 36,000 supposedly devoted followers – and more arrive by the day.

Of course, AI Jesus isn’t the only AI tech out there being used for religious purposes.

The World Economic Forum’s Yuval Noah Harari wants to create an AI Bible to produce more unified and “correct” religions.

And then there are instances like the one that took place in Furth, Germany, recently, where the St. Paul church used an AI to lead the service, complete with prayers, a sermon, and incorporated music.

Now, I’m not saying that the use of such technology is necessarily bad, especially if it’s bringing people closer to God. However, there’s obviously a point where we have to be very cautious that it’s actually God being glorified.