All-Male Secret Society Being Torn Apart by Transgenderism

Sandor Szmutko /
Sandor Szmutko /

The all-male secret society of the Freemasons is being ripped apart by the issue of transgenderism. The notoriously reclusive secret society is facing a schism not unlike the one that many Christian churches have been going through. The Grand Lodge of England, considered to be one of the most senior remaining lodges in the world, announced in 2018 that it would be allowed transgenders to remain members or to become new members if they were women pretending to transition into men (which is impossible).

Conservative Mason lodges in red states like Texas are trying to hold firm against allowing transgenders in, while lodges in blue states are starting to look like drag time story hour at the library. Masons, who spoke under condition of anonymity with the Daily Caller, said the schism is splitting the group. Chapters that are refusing to get in line with this radical ideology that showed up in society about 11 seconds ago are starting to face real consequences from the rainbow mafia.

One Mason in Central Texas noted, “[N]ow that all of these English lodges have been forced to allow females in, and the mother Grand Lodge of the world is now being required by its own country’s Supreme Court to force all of its own members to break their oath and let females in, America and every other Grand Lodge is now stuck in a gray area, and we don’t know what’s going to happen.”

The Grand Lodge of Texas, which oversees all of their secret squirrel chapters in that state, issued a counter-opinion to the one in England recently. The ruling stated that based on the original meaning of the society’s membership rules, as written in 1722, it is impossible for a transgender person to be a Mason.

The Texas Lodge ruling reads:

“A biological woman (meaning an individual who was assigned female at birth) cannot be a Mason. A transgender man (meaning an individual who was assigned female at birth whose gender identity or gender expression is now male) cannot be a Mason. A transgender woman (meaning an individual who was assigned male at birth whose gender identity or gender expression is now female) cannot be made a Mason nor remain a Mason.”

Despite the ruling, several lodges in Texas are still openly flaunting the fact that they’re allowing open transgenders to be members.

“These are people who either already took the oath as a guy and then changed or took the oaths saying that they were nonbinary, gender fluid, or something … and this is considered a big provocation,” said one Mason.

Mason chapters can also face serious consequences for disobeying the Grand Lodge of England. Chapters can be deemed illegitimate for not following England’s orders. If that happens, the illegitimate chapter can’t take part in Masonic charities, trips, or events, and it can even be excommunicated from the organization.

Since lodges are not following the Texas Grand Lodge’s decision or enforcing it, conservative Masons are feeling increasingly disenfranchised.

Another Mason from Central Texas noted, “Transgender is still defined by the Merck Manual, which is a physician’s manual, as being a mental illness. So, I mean, that’s kind of what I see as reality, [and] that is very divisive.”

Reality is divisive. That kind of sums up the entire transgender issue, doesn’t it? The issue is part fad, part social contagion, and it cannot possibly last much longer. In the meantime, people who deny reality will continue trying to force themselves into every last available space where they’re currently not allowed.