White House Going After More Common Appliances in the Latest “Green” Wave of Bans and Regulations

Digital Genetics / shutterstock.com
Digital Genetics / shutterstock.com

President Biden’s Department of Energy (DOE) has taken the ball for green energy at all costs from the President and ran with it. From regulations on gas stoves to the latest regulations they want to impose on water heaters, washing machines, and dishwashers, this administration has been attacking nearly every appliance in our homes.

Fox News reporter Ed Lawrence is one of the Americans who has had more than enough of this noise. When White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre held a press conference on July 24th, he called her out about how bad this was going to get.

“Just to be clear, when it comes to water heaters and it is proposed … and if it is enacted it would not take into effect until 2029, so let’s not forget that. So we want to make sure that we have the facts out there and if and when it is enacted, it’s going to help consumers save about $11 billion a year…That’s why the Inflation Reduction Act is so important, right, because it is going to provide up to $2,000 in credit as it relates to energy.”

Unfortunately for Pierre and Biden, a $2,000 credit towards energy doesn’t cover replacing these appliances, nor does it help the American people. What it does do is create a vacuum for these suddenly “old” parts. If enacted, these regulations would quickly make it incredibly difficult to find parts to repair broken units. The cost of a new unit is already expected to be far more than current units as well.

Overall, the whole “green” energy concept doesn’t mean saving the planet; it means burning through your savings and paycheck faster than ever.