IEDs Destroy Seattle Homeless Camp

Ian Dewar Photography /
Ian Dewar Photography /

On July 21st, a little reported explosion rattled a Seattle homeless encampment. Now officials are calling the attack targeted after discovering evidence that the explosion was caused by multiple IEDs.

Reporting to the early morning fire, the Seattle Fire Department was warmly welcomed by 40 ft flames, with gunfire and numerous secondary explosions, according to a Seattle police report. Located between the I-5 and the historic Harbortown Medical Center, the homeless encampment has been the target of violence recently.

According to KOMO News in Seattle, local residents claim that the encampment had places where you could pay for admission and head inside the tent for drug use. Per the police report, 20 individuals were inside that tent when the IEDs went off, and all were using drugs when the explosives detonated.

Per an eyewitness statement to police, this location was specifically targeted with multiple IEDs, and the same suspect had been there previously. According to police, the witness claimed two weeks previously, the suspect “shot at both the ‘old smoking tent’ and ‘new smoking tent’ and held the people inside the tents at gunpoint, robbing them of ‘everything’” and was later shot for his actions. Suspected to be dead but still unconfirmed, the suspect was seen on security footage of the encampment just the day prior.

The suspect was a prominent figure at the encampment two years ago. While there, he frequently showed others how to make bombs. According to the witness, he found and recognized the IEDs before they detonated and was able to clear the encampment at least partially.

Information like this is incredibly unusual. Yet the liberal mainstream media has been outright ignoring or downplaying this attack. Had this been in a red state or even a red city, this would be making news as conservative policies would be being scapegoated left and right. Yet in a liberal city and state like Seattle, WA, it gets whitewashed right over.

The fact that this witness was able to see and do so much but isn’t connected to the bomber/shooter is alarming. The

Over the last few decades, the homeless population in this nation has skyrocketed. For many, it starts to simply become a place of comfort. They can be who they are and just be with no real responsibilities. The drugs and panhandling or theft get them by. When they get caught, they either get a ticket or get sent to jail. No matter what happens, it won’t be worse than being homeless, and drugs are just as easy to get when locked up, maybe even more so.

With the recent spikes in overdose fatalities and the adjusting of drugs to render Narcan useless, many wonder just how bad things will get before Seattle leadership decides to take things seriously. A recent survey revealed that nearly a third of the city’s residents are considering looking for a new metropolis to call home.

The outlook from the city’s government on the issue and the reaction from law enforcement are pathetic. The city is finding itself consistently delving into newer lows at every turn because its leaders are refusing to hold people accountable. Their ticket and release policies have turned much of Seattle into a lawless utopia. Much like parts of Portland, OR, that dealt with encampments and riots, Seattle has had its share of problems.

While certainly not the worst of the worst, the city has a lot of ground to cover to sustain its population and maintain its useability as a port city. The security of these ports and areas must be under extra scrutiny considering the use of these IEDs. Add in the allegations that the bomber had shown many others how to build them and was known to have problems at the camp, and it’s bad.