LA Taxpayers Foot the $11.5 Million Damage Bill From One Hotel for the Homeless

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Back in 2020, LA was stuck figuring out how to deal with its booming homeless problem, and to help solve that issue, Mayor and Democratic clown Eric Garcetti came up with “Project Roomkey.” One of the keystones of the project was the historic boutique, The Mayflower Hotel, in the heart of LA. Over the course of just two years, the property sustained over $11.5 million in damage.

Security and staff at the hotel are frequently left with their hands tied on what they could do with the people who were allowed to call the hotel home. The violent behavior, persistent overdoses, and massive property damage all added up to some big problems for the hotel. Many go after the 1970s-80s rock star vibe, trashing rooms and sending furniture and other things out of the broken windows to the ground below.

Nurses who had been assigned to the hotel to overwatch the residents described the persistent drug use and fentanyl overdoses as just another day at work for them. They explained that for them, nothing drug-related was out of the norm. From syringes and torches to sheets of aluminum foil to smoke fentanyl off of, the signs of addiction, hopelessness, and despair were everywhere.

Residents and businesses in the area were getting their share of the problems as a result of the homeless, too. Broken into, robbed, and looted, they were treated just as badly as the hotel, with little hope of recouping their losses due to damage.

Now fellow Democratic Mayor Karen Bass wants to take Project Roomkey off life support and get the Mayfair back on their roster of hotels into homeless shelters. After just getting their lives back, business owners and residents in the area are speaking out against Bass and her ambitions.

As the LA Times reported, one resident across from the hotel said, “The neighborhood is still recovering from Project Roomkey. The purchase of the Mayfair would just completely destroy the community once again.” Another added, “I don’t want them back in this neighborhood I want my peace. I am 66 years old, and I want my peace.”

LA has already had more than its fair share of homeless and drug addicts roaming the streets. For decades the people across the city have done everything they could to try and help and be tolerant of them. From offering them spare change and a bite to eat to donating warm clothing and money to fund shelters. Yet the homeless in LA continue to not only multiply, but they also continue to demand more and get worse as a group.

With residents finally beginning to stand up against the liberal policies that continue to put their lives in danger, we can hope and pray that they take this as a sign from above and try to do more to get the bums away from their streets and to clean up their city. The best way to do this is with new leadership. Leadership that won’t tolerate this kind of behavior and lifestyle.

Getting LA to finally vote Republican is something that would take A LOT of work. However, seeing how bad the liberal circus has made a mess of California, and LA in particular, they could be easy converts if they are able to look at the voting data and the resulting problems that keep popping up with the Democrats in charge.

A challenge like this is one the people of AL need to undertake if they want to keep their little commie paradise. As they are already seeing, going this far left is too much, and can destroy everything they have been working for as a people.