What Most Transgender Prisoners Have in Common and the Left Won’t Admit

iQoncept / shutterstock.com
iQoncept / shutterstock.com

From the start of this whole transgender person “fad,” the political left has claimed that trans individuals aren’t any different from normal, safe, and moral individuals. However, data from the Wisconsin prison system seems to indicate otherwise.

According to reporting by the Daily Caller, a full 50 percent of all transgender prisoners incarcerated in the state of Wisconsin are behind bars because of sex crimes.

The data used to ascertain this information comes from the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project, which compiled the data most on the political left don’t want you to know about.

Per the data, of the 161 inmates who claim to be transgender, 81 of them have been convicted of a sex crime. And yes, this all came from a simple Freedom of Information Act request or public records.

As Mike Howell, director of the Oversight Project, says, most people seem to feel most comfortable talking about the transgender movement regarding women in sports. Naturally, the fear here is that real women in sports are being demolished in their own field by those who are actually biological males.

But as the data proves, “a much uglier truth” exists. And that is that “sexual crime and transgenderism are linked.”

Now, for those like you and I, or most parents with school-age girls, this has always been the fear. The first thing that runs through my head when I hear about a biological male entering a girl’s locker room or bathroom is that those girls are in danger.

Of course, the political left has consistently claimed that this fear is unsubstantiated and that transgenders are normal and safe-to-be-around people like the rest of us.

But this data seems to fly in the face of all that.

I mean, how else do you explain that exactly half of incarcerated trans individuals are also convicted rapists, child molesters, etc.? And now, because of a corrupt justice system, we will just let bio males in prison bunk with real women?

No wonder the world is laughing at us.