Vivek Ramaswamy Isn’t Even a Registered Republican

Juli Hansen /
Juli Hansen /

Vivek Ramaswamy is now inexplicably polling in second place behind Donald Trump in many states. No candidate stands a chance of unseating Trump for the 2024 nomination at this point, so maybe this is all a moot point. But how does Ramaswamy increase his standings in the polls when there are so many obvious red flags about this guy that every Republican voter should be giving him a hard pass?

Just this week, it was revealed that Ramaswamy has never registered or voted as a Republican—and yet he’s still allowed in the race!

One of the unfortunate but necessary things about every presidential campaign is that all the candidates are placed under a microscope. Under normal circumstances, no one would care about the voting history of some anchor baby from India. But in this case, it seems fairly relevant. Vivek Ramaswamy does have a track record, and that’s important because he wants to take your vote away from Donald Trump.

Someone obtained Ramaswamy’s voting records from the Franklin County, Ohio Board of Elections and posted the documents online this week. Ramaswamy has never registered as a Republican. He’s been registered as Unaffiliated his whole life. Another thing that voters should know is that Ramaswamy has never voted in a Republican primary election in his entire life.

His donation history is also mildly troubling. Ramaswamy has made one political donation in his entire life—to a far-left Democrat.

Dena Grayson is an “internet personality” who amassed a large number of followers on social media by making stupid videos where she lip-syncs to videos of then-2016 candidate Donald Trump. She also ran for Congress in 2016 in Florida’s 9th District. She lost the race to the most articulate member of the America First movement in the House of Representatives, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

Vivek Ramaswamy made the maximum personal contribution of $2,700 to Dena Grayson in her 2016 race. The paperwork shows that he gave the money to Barack Obama’s ActBlue and had it earmarked for Grayson’s campaign.

In the 2024 race, Ramaswamy claims that he’s running as an “America First” candidate. If that’s true, why did he make the maximum possible contribution in 2016 to try to defeat the most “America First” House candidate? Ramaswamy lived in Ohio, yet he made a maxed-out donation to a far-left kook in Florida against an America First candidate. Not to mention the fact that Ramaswamy is running against the original America First candidate himself in the Republican primary, Donald J. Trump.

If his voting records and donation history aren’t big enough red flags, there’s more. Ramaswamy received a Soros Fellowship to pay for his law degree at Yale University. Whenever anyone has questioned him about this, he claims that he wouldn’t have been able to attend law school were it not for the generosity of the Soros family. Yet Ramaswamy was already a pharmaceutical exec with millions of dollars in the bank when he went to Yale.

He didn’t need the money from Soros, so what did the cash actually pay for?

Then, there’s just the general unsettling weirdness about Ramaswamy. At the Iowa State Fair, he started singing an Eminem rap song to the fairgoers. It was a historic event in that this was probably the first time that anyone at the Iowa State Fair ever heard an Eminem song. It was confusing, and it was just weird.

Ramaswamy’s history as a biopharma exec doesn’t exactly inspire confidence either. He was one of the Big Pharma execs pushing for the “safe and effective” COVID shots in 2020 before the shots turned out to be dangerous and highly ineffective.

There are all these red flags, and yet Vivek Ramasamy continues to climb in the polls. It’s kind of odd that Republican voters always fall for these types of phonies.