Top Schools Get Negative Free Speech Grades

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It’s been rumored, if not proved, that educational institutes, particularly colleges and universities, have become increasingly left-leaning over the last few years. And nothing seems to prove that more than a new free speech grade given to our nation’s top schools.

As you might have guessed, most of our top-performing schools aren’t really all that into free speech unless it aligns perfectly with their beliefs.

Take Harvard University, for instance. As the nation’s most vaunted higher education institute, you’d think it would have to remain steadily above board on just about everything. But when it comes to free speech, it is officially the worst school in the country, according to the New York Post.

As the Post reports, the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression or FIRE just released their 2023 college rankings. And Harvard is at the absolute bottom.

In fact, according to the list, Harvard’s free speech abilities are actually “abysmal.”

FIRE’s director of polling and analytics, Sean Stevens, told the Poste, “I’m not totally surprised… We’ve done these rankings for years now, and Harvard is consistently near the bottom.”

But now, Harvard couldn’t have gotten a closer-to-the-bottom score.

The school’s official free speech score was 0.0 out of 100, which is bad enough. But as FIRE points out, that’s the “generous” score. Its real score was -10.69.

So, how does such a reputable school receive such a score?

Well, a major part of that has been the numerous scholarly “sanctions,” as Stevens calls them, over the past year. No less than nine Harvard professors and researchers have been threatened in recent months with being “punished or fired based on what they had said or written.”

Seven of those ended up being professionally disciplined.

And they say Marxism is dead… yeah, I think not.

“You will conform or else…” as they said.