Trump to Upstage 2nd GOP Debate with Epic Speech in Detroit

lev radin /
lev radin /

President Donald Trump is sticking to his guns by refusing to debate his long-shot primary opponents who are vying for second place. The next Republican debate is set to take place on September 27th at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in California. Trump won’t be there, ensuring another ratings disaster, this time for Fox Business and Univision. Instead, Trump is heading to Detroit, Michigan, where UAW auto workers have gone on strike to prevent the Biden regime and their union bosses from shipping all their jobs to China.

This is the second time that Trump will offer up his own counterprogramming in a direct challenge against the GOP primary debates. During the first debate, he instead sat for an hour-long interview with Tucker Carlson on Twitter/X. That became the most-watched interview in human history, with nearly 266 million people worldwide viewing it.

For Trump, delivering a primetime speech in Detroit in front of hundreds of auto workers puts him right in his element. The former president has always had an uncanny ability to connect with the common man in America—the forgotten middle class who have been sold down the river by our feckless political leaders in both parties. The UAW auto workers’ strike is entirely the fault of Joe Biden and the union bosses who are in the Democrat Party’s pocket.

Biden and the Democrat Party are entirely on board with the World Economic Forum’s plans to shift everyone to electric cars by 2030. Auto workers have finally caught on to what it will mean for their jobs if the Green New Deal is fully implemented. China controls about 80% of the supply chain for the materials to make electric cars. We don’t make enough electric cars in this country to meet the false demand that Joe Biden is pretending we have.

What does that mean for American auto workers? Exactly. Most of the American auto jobs are going away to China, which spent good money getting Joe Biden to go along with this idea. Biden has completely sold his own countrymen out in favor of the Communist Chinese Party, which is probably holding some dead hooker videos of Hunter Biden over Joe’s head.

Trump has already delineated himself from Biden on this anti-free market idea in interviews, but this speech will be a chance to truly show himself as the defender of the American worker. He wants car buyers to have a choice in the market. If you want an electric car, then fine—buy one. If you want a gas-powered car, knock yourself out. It’s none of the government’s business what vehicle you want to own. If all the government subsidies were yanked out from the under the electric car scam, the whole stupid idea would collapse overnight.

Unlike Joe Biden and the rest of the career politicians, President Trump understands the value of American labor. He’s known for treating his employees extremely well on construction projects throughout the years. Despite the labor unions being in bed with the Democrat Party, Trump has always maintained good relations with the laborers themselves.

The automakers have eagerly bitten at the government’s apple in order to ship their own jobs to China. This speech will be Trump’s chance to show the world—again—that putting America First is always the better option.

This will also keep Trump front and center in the news cycle when the second debate happens. Every news outlet that tries to cover it will be forced to describe it as another debate that the dominant frontrunner chose to skip out on.