Lone Democrat Stands by Vow To Represent the People and Not the Party; Torpedo’s State Abortion Bill

Lightspring / shutterstock.com
Lightspring / shutterstock.com

For decades now, the Democrats have been perpetuating the idea that the only way to lead the American people is by putting the needs of their party above the needs of those who elect them to their office. Yet as Michigan attempts to institute the new plan of Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) to ease abortion restrictions, a lone Democrat has the spine to stand up and speak for her people.

Her name is State Representative Karen Whitsett (D-Wayne, MI) of District 4.

On September 20th, Whitsett announced her inability to support bills that support State-sponsored abortion. Given the language in Whitmer’s bills that were announced on August 29th, she did not find them compatible with the will of the people in District 4. She instead wants women to have time to consider making such a large and complicated decision.

“I will not vote and fund Medicaid abortions, that’s not gonna happen. I do not think it is too much to ask when someone’s terminating a life, a 24-hour pause to be able to say for sure this is the decision you want to make. 24 hours is not too much.”

Underscoring that, she pointed out the way Medicaid would strip resources and funding from seniors, many of whom could end up in extreme danger by missing out on just a single prescription. If passed, it would not only strip seniors but also put Michigan taxpayers on the hook for an extra $2 million in Medicaid costs, raising the total to $6 million.

By going against the party line, she is single-handedly preventing the Governor from achieving her goals with these bills. Without all 56 of the Democrats or one Republican jumping ship, it is unlikely to pass the House. In efforts to swing some votes and rile her constituents, the Michigan Planned Parenthood X (aka Twitter) account tried dragging her through the muck for going against their methodologies.

As reported by the Detroit News, Whitsett delivered a direct response to that sentiment.

“I didn’t get here to do an easy job. I have a district to represent and it’s diverse. People who I have talked to in the community, this is what they want.”

This is the kind of statement the American people should be expecting from their elected leaders, no matter what their party line. With so many of the Democrats who forget this, it’s refreshing to see one take the hard right and represent the people of Wayne, Michigan. It may not be easy to be the voice for your District, but that is what you are elected to do, and to do so without reservation.

The people of Michigan need to ensure they protect a treasure like Whitsett. While we may not see eye to eye on every subject, or even most, she is willing to risk her time as a politician to be a voice for the voiceless. To ensure every life gets a shot, or at the very least, mothers have that 24 hours to truly think about the decision and evaluate what they want for themselves.

Much like teens who transition genders, many women who were to be mothers later regret their decision to have an abortion. From losing their partner after the deed is done, to their conflicts with their personal and religious beliefs, or later realizing they are now unable to have children and they regret thumbing their nose at God for the precious gift of life he has bestowed upon them.

Children deserve a shot at life. While these leftists want to remove that opportunity, they are slowly but surely being stopped from achieving that goal. My fellow conservatives, please join with one another to spread the word; no matter what your party, you can save a life. You can be on the right side of justice. You can do what’s best for the kids!! Both born and unborn!!