Farmer Teaches Would Be Burglars a Valuable Lesson

Zoran Zeremski /
Zoran Zeremski /

There’s something to be said about a good guy with a gun. But this good guy just didn’t teach would-be burglars about the importance of the Second Amendment.

Introducing Sam Krautscheid, a farmer from Grant County in Washington state. Sam was finishing up baling for the day and headed to an Eric Church concert with three of his sons when he came across a car parked where it shouldn’t be.

The car was parked outside of a small farm store Krautscheid was actually in the process of buying. So, no one should have been there. And yet, someone, and an unknown someone based on the car, was.

Naturally, he went to investigate, pulling his truck back and walking to look at the car. No one was in it, but there were a few items that seemed to scream “stolen items,” such as a massage table, weed eater, gas can, etc.

So the farmer quickly returned to his truck, retrieved a legally owned handgun, and called the authorities.

He then walked towards the building. He saw two men, one armed with a club, around the corner. As he came around and within their sight, he ordered the men to drop to the ground.

Krautscheid told Fox News, “I’ve got a loud voice. And I just started yelling to get down. ‘Get down, get on the ground, and don’t come any closer. I don’t want to shoot, but I will shoot.”

Noticing his club was no match for the gun in the farmer’s hand, the second one immediately dropped. The first man tried to reason with Krautscheid, claiming they were there to rent the store.

Police arrived a few moments later, and the men were hauled off.

But that’s not the end of Krautsheid’s lesson. Instead, he wrote a statement to be read at their hearing.

“Ask God for mercy on your prior behavior. The devil wants us to be riddled with shame and guilt. The devil wins by telling you that you are only as good as your past and have no hope. God’s mercy is undeniable. God will forgive you for your sins and welcome you with open arms if you change your hearts.”

Talk about a valuable lesson.