LA Makes Coming Out Day Into a Full Week of Daddy Issues, Shame, and Regret

Ekaterina_Minaeva /
Ekaterina_Minaeva /

When the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) decided to make the month of October into a real mess, nobody expected them to transform “National Coming Out Day” into a weeklong festival. Yet here we are. Calling it the “Week of Action Toolkit – Elementary,” LAUSD set forth a roadmap for making the entire month into LGBTQ Pride Month Part Deux.

As Parents Defending Education noted “The document provides elementary teachers with an ‘identity Map’ to use when teaching young children during this week. This identity map focuses on the identity of students, including their ‘race,’ ‘ethnicity,’ ‘gender identity,’ ‘religion,’ ‘sexuality,’ and ‘mental health.’ The purpose of the identity map is to teach students about ‘intersectionality.’ Teachers will have students create their own images with the identity map, and these images will be shared with the district. The document also has a famous transgender person to discuss with students each day of the week.”

Of the people they are choosing to put on a pedestal for transgenders are Elliot Page and Jazz Jennings.

Just when that already seemed like enough, they added on even more. Students will be asked (likely repeatedly) to sign a pledge to only use soft words when talking about anyone else. From teachers to staff, or classmates, they want them to leave everyone alone, even if they are different from them. They want people to stick up for one another and be an ally.

What a crock.

This isn’t being an ally. This is what’s simply called being a solid human being. While some people may need to have the truth about them told to others, it doesn’t mean they need to thoroughly trash them either. However, if someone is telling a kid they are forced to come play in their fantasy world where men can be women just by tucking their junk in a dress, they have another thing coming. When things are of that level of extreme, something needs to be said.

It may not be friendly, but the truth needs to be spoken. Kids and drunks are the only ones who tell the unadulterated truth, and they aren’t telling you men are women unless they are being poisoned by someone else. Yet the LAUSD already has an answer for what to do in that situation.

“When children ask questions about LGBTQ words, it is sometimes best to offer simple and direct answers. You might choose to answer a student’s question with another question to figure out what they are really asking — is it about name-calling, a classmate’s two dads, or something they saw on the internet? Listening first helps you respond.”

The fact of the matter is kids don’t need to be asked questions back like this. Answer them back honestly and without the liberal spin and polish. Getting them to know the truth and the reality of the information is something we cannot hold back on anymore. As the liberals keep trying to cram their agenda down the throats of good Americans, we need to stand up for what’s right, and simply put, it’s nothing new.

Stand up for yourself; stand up for those too weak to protect their own. What two consenting, of age adults do in the privacy of their home is their business. They can keep that information inside their room and not parade around in front of the neighbors or the school. School-aged kids don’t need to worry about kinks, sexuality, or terms for what someone prefers in bed.

They need time to be kids, and now the LAUSD is trying to take that away more than mainstream media, social media, and the public school system already do. Getting back out there and getting our kids on the right path is the least we can do. That is unless we want to be speaking Chinese, Russian, or Spanish by the end of 2040. God knows this whole LGBTQ pride first and tough men last mindset is already making the country a welcome mat for other nations.