AOC Puts Together Her First Serious Policy Statement and Then Farts in the Middle of It

lev radin /
lev radin /

Barack Obama’s little actress is growing up! Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) actually delivered a somewhat serious policy statement last week. What she had to say, for once, wasn’t a completely dopey caricature of what a Member of Congress might say on the Israel-Hamas conflict. In fact, most Trump supporters won’t find anything objectionable in the points that she made.

For those who have never realized it, “AOC” was never really an aspiring politician. She was a bartender and an aspiring actress. If you’ve ever managed to sit through the documentary that Netflix made about her, you know that she auditioned for the part of “congresswoman” with Barack Obama’s PAC.

Her job is not to represent the interests of her constituents in New York. Her job is to be Obama’s socialist mouthpiece in Congress. Her real job is distracting people on the right from the real problems in Congress while she spouts insane socialist drivel that was actually written by Obama’s team most of the time.

But not this time! Last week, AOC actually made a decent and nuanced argument about the Israel-Hamas conflict. She told the interviewer that we can protect Israel’s right to self-defense as a nation while also protecting the rights and lives of innocent Palestinians who are non-combatants.

For once, she said something sensible. It’s only the crazy neocons like Lindsay Graham, Nikki Haley, and George W. Bush who are calling for genocide of the Palestinian people right now, including the many Palestinian Christians who have nothing to do with Hamas.

Watch this video as AOC sort of manages to make her first intelligent argument as a Member of Congress. But then she farts in the middle of it.