Chicago Giving $9,000 to Every Illegal Alien to Help Pay for Rent and Furniture

Luis Boucault /
Luis Boucault /

The City of Chicago is now planning to shell out $9,000 for illegal aliens coming to the city. That’s about 12 times as much as Chicago pays to help a homeless veteran in a one-year period, and it doesn’t even include the $4,400 in monthly payments that Joe Biden is making to the illegals without congressional authorization. Chicago currently has 11,000 illegal aliens staying in taxpayer-funded hotels and shelters, and another 4,000 sleeping on the floor in city police stations and at O’Hare International Airport.

The $9,000 is to help the illegal aliens rent and furnish an apartment. Meanwhile, the city is also shelling out millions of taxpayer dollars per month to provide healthcare to the illegal aliens. One company called Favorite Healthcare Staffing, from Kansas, billed the city $7.2 million to provide services at illegal alien camps in Chicago from April 22 to May 19 this year. The healthcare workers are being paid anywhere from $50 to $156 per hour before overtime. One nurse from out-of-state made $20,000 for one week of work in December.

Chicago will have no choice but to charge residents new taxes to pay for all this. The city has already spent $60 million to provide staffers to babysit the illegals in shelters. Even for a city the size of Chicago, that’s a ton of money to have to spend on a problem that Joe Biden deliberately caused.

The Mayor of Chicago, Brandon Johnson, is planning a trip to the southern border to “assess” the situation there next week. He doesn’t sound very smart.

“We need to go assess the situation,” says Johnson. “This is serious. And I’ve been saying it. I mean, this ain’t the first time you’ve heard me say how serious this dynamic is.”

Many of the illegal aliens showing up in Chicago are from Venezuela, where the socialist government collapsed a few years ago. The situation there was so bad that people were starving. They broke into the zoos and ate the giraffes. Now that the traitor Joe Biden has announced to the world that our borders are open, approximately 7.7 million Venezuelans are headed here.

They’ll have to pass through seven countries to reach the southern US border, which means that they are not “refugees” under any definition. Yet Joe Biden has been granting all illegal aliens asylum as if they were, in fact, refugees, in direct violation of the Refugee Act of 1980.

Chicago residents are furious about the way their elected officials are handling the problem. Can you imagine the responses when the word gets out that the city is giving every illegal $9,000 for rent and furniture?

If you need any further proof that the leaders of this country and our largest cities hate the American people, here it is. The City of Chicago will pay $9,000 for rent and furniture for an illegal alien who showed up five seconds ago, who doesn’t speak English, and who broke multiple federal laws by breaching our sovereign border. Meanwhile, a homeless American veteran will receive just $735 in Chicago city services over a one-year period.

If all these Democrat mayors really wanted to do something to solve the illegal alien invasion, here’s a suggestion. They should all hold a press conference together next week and announce that they want all residents of their cities—Chicago, New York, Denver, Seattle, and so on—to vote for Donald Trump in 2024 because only he can solve the problem.

If they did that, Joe Biden would have the wall finished in a week, and then he’d have the military rounding up illegals and deporting them. That’s about the only thing that will get his attention at this point.