Almost Half of Biden’s Supporters Want Our First Amendment Too

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University of Virginia’s Center for Politics has been conducting some unique research over the years. Breaking down the stats and gaining a deeper insight into how a voting base is projected to cast their ballot is incredibly important. Especially if they are electing leaders with specific parts of an agenda to shove down our throats.

Released on October 18th, some of their latest research discovered an incredibly disturbing trend in the polls. Of those who are planning on voting for President Biden, 47% “the government should regulate or restrict the expression of views considered discriminatory or offensive.” By comparison, of those who plan on supporting President Trump, 35% shared the same belief.

Another concern is the number of voters who believe “it is necessary to limit certain rights, like freedom of speech, to protect the feelings and safety of marginalized groups.” With Biden’s voters having almost a third of their people who believe that, and Trump coming in at a quarter of the voters, it sends a dangerous message.

Voting conservative and being a Republican has a lot of core beliefs to it. One of the biggest ones is the right to free speech. The idea of the government having anything to say about what we think, feel, or say is a horrendous idea. As countries like China and North Korea have shown us, it is the cornerstone of Communism, and we don’t need to do it there as a nation. If anything, we need to get away from restrictions on what people can and cannot do and return to the open-source mindset.

Part of this nightmare scenario has already been happening.

As internal Facebook communications that were seen and verified by The Wall Street Journal showed, the Biden administration put undue and excessive pressure on the company to censor speech related to COVID. They wanted to see the truth of COVID and the reality about vaccines prevented from reaching the minds of the American people.

A court filing from September found that the Biden administration violated our First Amendment rights by getting social media companies to censor free speech. Naturally, there were very few repercussions for such a despicable act. Ironically enough, that, too, was a highly suppressed bit of information in the mainstream media and on social media.

RealClearPolitics conducted some of their own polling back in September as well. Breaking things down by parties, they discovered just over a third of Democrats believe our freedom is just a bit too much. Even worse, around 75% believe the “hateful” social media content needs to be censored by social media companies.

This is not the country our founding fathers envisioned for us. They wanted us to be happy, to be free, to not have taxation without representation. Yet, under Biden’s “leadership,” we are miserable, confined, and have representatives who represent their party and not us. Just watching the liberals speak, you can see their distaste for most Americans. Especially those who serve their country and put on the uniform. They cannot stand that level of love for their nation.

Now that we can clearly see the agenda for Biden and their quest to dismantle the nation brick by brick, we need to do what we can to get away from their lies, deceit, and attempts to erode the very bedrock that this great nation was built upon. As they change tactics and continue to try and find new ways to play the blame game, there is little they won’t resort to to get people to shift to their side.

Perhaps that’s what makes the liberals and their censorship ideas so damn threatening. They have been sneaking it in for so long now many cannot fathom it happening, but we see it happening daily. Little by little, they have been eroding your rights, and they’ll only continue to do it if they can. Time to ensure their censorship and lies are voted out of office!!