Teachers Union Tries To Escape Responsibility for COVID Closures

Melinda Nagy / shutterstock.com
Melinda Nagy / shutterstock.com

Early October saw the return to school for the last school districts in the US and was greeted with a report from the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). In the report named “In Search of Scapegoats: The GOP’s Failed Scheme to Blame the American Federation of Teachers for School Closures During the Pandemic,” they take aim at conservatives for their failures.

In their minds, they are being unfairly blamed for schools staying closed for months beyond what was needed or even reasonable. They believe that the GOP and its constituents are trying to destroy their name and that they bear no responsibility for their decision-making about the education of our youth. Even further, they ascertain the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are also unresponsible for the damage done with their orders.

“The CDC’s guidelines were advisory, not compulsory. Therefore, to blame the CDC guidelines for the length and extent of school closures and their tragic consequences was both wrong and disingenuous. Even more wrong and disingenuous was the attempt to blame the AFT—particularly in light of its limited role in making suggestions for the guidelines—instead of the true decision-makers from March 2020 to January 2021, namely President Trump and Secretary DeVos. The Trump Administration had failed to provide useful school opening-related guidance during the early stages of the pandemic, sowing confusion and uncertainty.”

This is almost cleaver. Almost.

Instead, this is insulting. For decades now, the liberals have been saying that women should be able to legislate their own bodies. Many have claimed that school boards should not be dictating curriculum but that this is up to each teacher to teach based on the needs of their students. This wishy-washy “everyone gets a trophy” mindset has already made the US weaker than rice paper. Now to deny that they led the nation down the drain is infuriating.

The fact of the matter is this- the CDC is trusted by the Federal and State governments to know what is “best” for our people. They are expected to quickly learn what the virus is like and make recommendations to keep the populous safe. Much the same, the AFT is expected to monitor kids, report on the situations in their school, and help keep the kids safe. This means modifying lessons, plans, and locations as necessary.

To be fair, 95% of schools that were told by the CDC and other “experts” followed orders and adapted beautifully.

However, when the curve had flattened, they refused to give up being home in jammies with their seven cats and Tinder dates gone wrong. Back in July 2020, when Trump suggested returning to normal in-person schooling, AFT President Randi Weingarten declared he was “reckless and wrong.” She attempted to declare that unless remote options were guaranteed in December 2020, teachers should prep to force districts to go remote learning.

The fact of the matter is, it’s liberal feminists like Weingarten who are to blame for the situation getting this bad. Back when the nuclear family was the norm, one parent (the husband) would go work, while the other (wife) would stay home, raise children, and ensure they got to school with a good lunch for all. This family model worked, but then we needed to start having career fairness and both parents working. This meant prices skyrocketed, and money became the reason for living, not your family.

The CDC and AFT made the problem come to fruition in the first place. They then made it more complicated with their objections towards making them earn a paycheck and letting the family get back to their normal work routines. Thanks to the necessity of both parents working for a household to run, we are unable to maintain our families without both parents getting a paycheck, and our kids are paying the price for our failures.