Los Angeles Hotels Replace Striking American Workers with Illegal Aliens

View Apart / shutterstock.com
View Apart / shutterstock.com

The workers at unionized hotels in Santa Monica and near Los Angeles International Airport have been on strike for the past few weeks. Fortunately for the hotel chains, the Los Angeles area has a huge influx of foreign criminals on hand who are willing to cross the strike line and work for scab wages. The hotels have managed to stay open through the strike because illegal aliens have stepped forward to take the jobs directly from Americans.

Ever since Venezuela opened its prisons and told all of the “paroled” criminals to head to America, Los Angeles has been seeing a large influx of illegals from there. Many end up as homeless derelicts on Skid Row since they can’t read or speak English and have no marketable skills outside of swinging a machete. Some of them are able to carry out menial labor jobs like hotel maids, however. That’s why the major hotel chains have been showing up on Skid Row and offering them jobs that were held by Americans until just a few minutes ago.

The Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, Le Meridien Delfina Santa Monica, and the Holiday Inn LAX have all been giving jobs to Venezuelan scab workers. Los Angeles County’s Soros-funded District Attorney George Gascon is livid about the situation. He’s threatening to really stick it to the hotel chains for “exploitation of refugees.”

Illegal alien advocacy groups are also furious. They’re upset that the illegal aliens aren’t being paid as much as the American workers were making.

Angelica Salas, the executive director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights Los Angeles, told the LA Times, “Staffing agencies, companies taking advantage of the desperation of the individual to try to begin their life, and then not pay them their proper earnings, not give them a full accounting of their hours worked — we see this every day here in L.A.”

Apparently, Ms. Salas did not get the memo from the entire Republican Party, the entire Democrat Party, the mainstream media, and the US Chamber of Commerce. Bringing tons of illegal aliens into America so that they can steal jobs by working at lower wages is literally THE ENTIRE POINT of the illegal immigration scam.

Mass immigration—both legal and illegal—is the reason why American wages have remained stagnant since the late 1970s (other than a brief four-year period when you know who was in the White House). Whenever a country goes through a massive inflationary period like this current one under Joe Biden, the wages of working Americans start to go up by a commensurate amount. That’s what has always happened historically.

But this time, in order to punish Americans for voting for Donald Trump, Joe Biden threw the southern border wide open and invited the rest of the world to move in. The direct result of this is that it suppresses American wages while the cost of all goods and services increases by gigantic amounts because of inflation. Instead of letting the marketplace naturally adjust to inflation, our leaders have decided that the American people can go f*** themselves.

Unskilled, low-wage workers had better wise up soon and do everything they can to hold onto their jobs. Going on strike right now, especially in unskilled jobs like hotel maids and janitors, is a good way to permanently lose your job to an illegal alien criminal. The immigrant advocacy groups are not mad at all about the Americans who are losing their jobs. They just want the illegal aliens to demand higher wages, too. How long do you think it will take before the illegals get the message?